All we ever talk about

All we ever talk about

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I always worry a lot about comics that depict Aileen as any kind of bad guy, or nag. Writing is easiest when it’s from my own perspective, and I don’t mind making myself the joke of a strip. This does mean that quite often Aileen gets written in as the ‘straight man’ in the sketch. I consciously try and mix it up whenever I can, but it’s a (semi) biographical strip that draws a lot of humour from our own lives and hobby, so writing it from my own point of view is more natural, and feels more honest. Also I don’t have to feel bad about making anyone else the butt of the joke.

As I said, I try and mix it up, but I also try very hard not to second-guess myself, or to write what I think an audience will want, or avoid what an audience might take issue with. There’s no honesty in that, and it will only serve to dilute what I want to do. I guess what I’m saying is that as well as being my favourite comic collaborator, Aileen is my favourite person as well, and if she comes off as anything less than that in my writing it’s because I’m making myself the punchline of the comic.

I am currently obsessed with X-Wing, and the line ‘All we ever do is talk about X-Wing’ line came from a friend that stayed with us for the weekend. He was imagining Aileen snapping and letting her true feelings come out. Hilarious as this was, the reality is that we are both down pretty deep down the X-Wing rabbit hole right now. Any time that was previously spent on Facebook or Twitter on our phones is now used for tinkering with squad lists on the brilliant X-Wing Squad Builder App (really an essential tool if you play, even casually).

Tiny Epic Western, like the previous games in the ‘Tiny Epic’ series immediately hijacked my attention. Ultimately though, the international shipping makes it a definite no go. The 12 dollar rate turns a great value, pocket-sized 18 dollar game into a 40 dollar game. Which sucks for us.

The magazine I am reading- Starfighter Pilot -does not exist, and I think if I were to list everything that is wrong with the world right now, that would make the top ten.

Also, long time readers might have recognised the reference to a previous comic. Well done if you did, your no-prize is in the post.

29 Comments on All we ever talk about
  • Ben Thorp

    /me is a little tempted by Tiny Epic Western too…. but I’ve not backed it yet. I love Tiny Epic Galaxies, but the run throughs of TEW didn’t grab me in the same way if I’m honest. And you’re right – $40, even with good exchange rates, is quite expensive.

    What I try (and often fail) to do is to get the total price in GBP and then imagine what I would buy with that money instead. In this case, £28 would bag me some games I really want (like, say, Concept, or Deception: Murder in Hong Kong), and I’ve have them immediately. Suddenly TEW seems like a less attractive proposal….

    • Aaron Gannaway

      I have tried this before. I have had to stop using this method because more often then not it just ends up costing me double (for the game I was trying to decide whether or not to buy and the game that would be replacing it). 🙂

      • Ha ha! Right now I am adding everything up in terms of X-Wing ships. We could get take-away tonight, or I could get another TIE Fighter instead…

    • Yeah, as good as it looks -I love the Poker-themed elements, 40 would buy a bigger, meatier game. TEW is marketed as pocket-sized, so it doesn’t feel right to pay so much for it. Might actually back the small pledge for the Print and Play though. Also I need to look up Deception, that’s a really cool title and I ad never heard of it.

      • Ben Thorp

        I first heard about Deception from the Dice Tower guys. They also played it in their most reason live gaming session, if you want to see it in action. It’s kinda like Mysterium but with “traitor” elements.

  • Dave McNally

    Don’t worry mate, at worst Aileen comes across as the reason you still have a roof over your head and don’t live in a shelter constructed entirely of game boxes.
    Question for you: I tried to explain TWP to a colleague recently. I failed and he looked at me like I was a gibbering fool. How do you describe the type of board games you play to an audience whose experience begins and ends with Monopoly?

    • That’s always such a tricky one. For so many people board games mean Monopoly, and its hard to put into words how much More there is now. It’s almost like trying to explain how good comics are to someone who has only ever read The Beano. How do you even begin?
      I usually pick an example of one really good game and explain how it plays, how different and fun it is. Like Pandemic or 2 Rooms and a Boom.

  • It is exactly the same with me and my wife, sometimes she scolds me for making jokes on her in our group, but then I always propitiate her by pointing out that in reality, I am the “junkie” (of board game buying/playing and other expensive hobbies…) and she is the sane person in our marriage. That usually works. 🙂 Bless her.

  • Frank Bromley

    TEW is pretty awesome Board game theater acctualy did an episode for it

    • It does look like a lot of fun alright, I’ll check out the video. They have an 8 Dollar pledge for a print and play version, that’s an option.

  • Neil Robinson

    I too have fallen into the X Wing crack den. I’m scoring for two as my son doesn’t have the level of pocket money to support the level of addiction that we are experiencing.

    • It’s such an exciting game to play! Monday Night X-Wing is currently the highlight of my week. Got a few friends hooked as well so we can do larger games and mini-tournaments between us. It started with Star Wars fever, but that’s worn off (a little) and X-Wing is good enough to keep us hooked.

  • Kudos for the Necromunda reference (fingers crossed for the Specialist Games reboot).

    • GW re-releasing their specialist range is going to end up costing me a lot. Necromunda was always my favourite GW release, and I loved Blood Bowl as well. Very excited about those games returning.

  • wr00t

    I don’t have problems with Aileen’s depiction either. But now that you have explained the process i know that she is an even nicer person 🙂

  • Gecse Zoltán

    12 + 18 = 30 or not? 🙂 Maybe with the customs and the VAT. But I completely agree with you. 🙁

    • Wow. You are 100% correct. I cannot add. Now I definitely come off worse than Aileen in this week’s comic.
      I’ll be in the corner playing with my abacus.

  • Senno

    I feel the same about Tiny Epic Western. I’m at the moment still poised to continue with my pledge for a couple reasons – I love Westerns, I love board games, I love western board games, and I don’t have any of the other Tiny Epic games yet and feel like I should try at least one. But I agree – as an Aussie it sucks. The bad exchange rate, the huge postage – I wanted to get the Kingdom Builder bundle, which I can see is/was an excellent deal, and then I had to hold out due to the massive postage and poor exchange rate. I guess that means we need our fellow countrymen and women to make their own games and compete more.

    • You guys must as bad or even worse than here in Ireland when it comes to shipping. It definitely sucks, and our exchange rates against Dollar and Sterling are really awful right now as well, which doesn’t help.
      Another amazing looking Western board game that has my eye right now is Flick ’em up. I think I’ll have to get that whenever I see it at retail. Just looks like so much fun.

      • Ben Thorp

        Flick ’em up *does* look incredible (and probably cheaper at retail than TEW kickstarter with shipping….)

  • Drew

    Yeah I know this feeling very well… This is exactly the same as me and my wonderful girlfriend, I tend to get super into a game, get the game, hear about the next game… I think we pretty much had this conversation nearly word for word…

    Aileen comes off as great in the comic 🙂 the voice of reason that the hardcore gamer needs!

  • Dexter Ó Thuithear

    For the record, the Lambda is always worth the points. Chuck Vader on there for the classic doomshuttle, or Palpatine to constantly ruin your opponents plans. *sigh* Oh such good times…

    The Squad Builder App is fantastic. It’s pretty much how I kill all my free time in work. It’s getting better with each update too. Little things like having your collection stored locally so it can highlight when you don’t have enough of an upgrade card to actually field your list (read: excuse to run to the store and buy more ships…).

    • I’d love a Palpatine Lambda, but that’s buying literally 100 worth of miniatures for the combination. Oh, who am I kidding, I’ll spend that sooner or later. I have always loved the Lambda Shuttle design, so when I discovered it was actually useful in-game I was delighted.

      • Dexter Ó Thuithear

        To be fair, that Raider is kind of worth it. Palp is the new C3PO in terms of being the uber-crew that only comes in a huge ship, but damnit if isn’t a gorgeous model. Plus, fix for the Advanced which made it my go-to ship.
        Lambda with Vader on board is still great though. I’ve been using it to annoy opponents running Poe. Unavoidable crits under shields? Gold!