Arkham (oh the) Horror: Part I of II

Arkham (oh the) Horror: Part I of II

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Writer_smallerHalloween Special

We are trying something a little different this week: the comic is part one of a two-parter Halloween special. We hope you like it? In fact, do let us know whether or not you like the idea of an occasional multi-part story. While one-off comics will continue to make up the bulk of our posts, if feedback on this is good we might mix it up a little. We are still only a young comic, particularly in web terms, and so want to try new things, stretch our creative limbs to find our limits, and indeed, our most comfortable spots on the creative couch.

In fact, any and all feedback is welcome and gratefully received. More of a particular type of comic, a game you would love to see featured. Like the proverbial genie (only less blue and 50% less bearded) your wish is our command. Unless you wish for more wishes. Nobody likes a smartass.

Arkham Horror is a game I haven’t actually played in a long while. It’s not that I have moved onto Eldritch Horror – that’s a game I have yet to try at all – it just hasn’t come up at any board game night. Before writing the comic I borrowed a friend’s copy to refresh myself. Funny thing is, though, as I went through all the wonderful cards, locations, creatures, demons and Elders, mining the gorgeous artwork for story ideas, I felt no impulse to play the game again. I presumed I would, and over the course of the week would at some point put it on the table for more than reference. But it didn’t appeal. It used to appeal. It’s a game that got a lot of play, and one that I had loads of fun with, wandering around the doomed city of Arkham, bouncing from one terrible encounter to another, characters stumbling into good fortune with the same ease that one was likely enter a coffee shop and come out stark raving mad, gibbering about Elder Ones, and having seen things that can never be unseen.

But looking through all the pieces, it just seemed like so much work, so much effort to set up, re-read the rules, and get started, all to be bounced about at random, guided by unknown and unknowable forces for hours on end. Maybe I just wasn’t in the mood this week. Maybe it needs a longer resting time before coming back into rotation. Time will tell.

Time will also tell the fate of ol’ Joe Diamond… (exactly 7 days of time, in this instance – see you next week…)

9 Comments on Arkham (oh the) Horror: Part I of II
  • Sarah Reed

    I really enjoy multi-part comics, but I can see that you wouldn’t want to do it all the time.

    I’d love to see you do a Sentinels of the Multiverse comic, though I suppose that’s a little redundant. 😉

    • Glad you like the idea of multi-parters, Sarah. Also, I have been mulling a SotM comic for a while, actually, so it might maybe happen sometime.

      • Sarah Reed

        Yay, that would be very cool! It’s one of our favorite games.

  • Allan

    I prefer to see one-off comics.

    I’d enjoy a comic about the Ultimate Werewolf game (like the hunter who gets attacked in the middle of the night and shoots an innocent), or Dominant Species where amphibians take over the world, or a Space Cadets one.

    • Ultimate Werewolf really does seem like it would make a great comic of some sort. Have yet to actually play it, though. Will remedy that soon, as I am aware it’s a rather gaping hole in our game collection. The ‘One Night’ game might suit us, actually.

  • Stephanie T

    I like multi-part comics as a way to mix it up and am looking forward to where this one goes. I want to second a SotM comic and request a Netrunner or Android comic. Those are our favorite games 😀

    • As it happens, you may be in luck regarding a Netrunner comic. Neither of us play it, here at Tiny Wooden Towers, but it’s really too big to ignore.

  • Chip Lundsmark

    So is it just me or does it look like he is taking a piss on the elder sign?

    Love Tiny Wooden Pieces btw.

    • Jason Curtis

      I agree; thought the joke was about taking a pee break in the middle of a crisis, lol.