At twice the price

At twice the price

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Writer_smallerAt twice the price

The first three panels in the comic, taken on their own, is a story you hear a lot. In fairness, it’s more joked about than seriously recounted, but it’s a joke I hear too often to not be supported by a strong scaffold of truth.

I don’t have this problem with Aileen, and Aileen doesn’t have this problem with me. Perhaps this is a problem in and of itself, of course. A not-insignificant pile of as yet unplayed games with several Kickstarters on the way would attest to this. That’s beside the point (at least it is in today’s blogpost; the point has, however, been filed away for future source material).

I couldn’t countenance a relationship where my hobbies were a source of tension; where I have to hide spending, or time spent. I spend a huge amount of time writing, editing and lettering comics, and I love it. If there’s something you are so passionate about that it regularly sees you up until the early hours, working on your own, you will know it’s hard to do without support. I don’t think it matters what it is, I am certain that holds true.

I am very big on work-life balance. I’ve held down jobs where the work part has swallowed the life part whole, and ironically, that’s what woke me up to how important getting the balance right is. Work is there to support and sustain life; not the other way around. I no longer consider career advancement to be a means in and of itself. If I’m not coming home healthy and happy, then work isn’t worth it.

I’m prone to rambling in these blog posts, and usually, at this point, I would try and return to the point and wrap it up. I’m not sure I ever had a point, though. I might have orbited one, but I definitely missed the landing. I guess life is too important to waste being unhappy, is my point. You only get one shot at it, so aim for what makes you happy.

Also maybe don’t write blog posts when you’re super-tired?

Thunderbirds and Epic Card game are the Kickstarters we have on the way, if you were wondering, and we’re giving serious thought to Campaign Trail. Anyone played this or planning on backing it? Any opinions?

6 Comments on At twice the price
  • wr00t

    What we have for dinner honey? Some crunchy, delicious plastic and resin miniatures 😀

  • Ben Thorp

    Tiny Epic Galaxies arrived yesterday for me. Thunderbirds also on the way…. (And Burglar Bros and Operation F.A.U.S.T. and Skulldog and Nova Cry: Redux)

    • JBurglar Bros looked really good! I’m pretty jealous. Alnd I’m sure it was just terrible shipping costs that stood beteween me and a copy of TEG. Hoping Thunderbirds is soon, it should be just a week or two, I think?

      • Ben Thorp

        I jumped on Burglar Bros early, having bought a copy of Paperback for my mum last Christmas and really enjoyed it.

        TEG did have fairly high postage ($12), but the base game was pretty cheap, and the run-throughs of the game made me feel that it had a good amount of depth for the size.

        And Thunderbirds? *So* excited. But I might have to save it as a Christmas present for my kids. We’ve been watching the new Thunderbirds TV series, and they’re big fans of Forbidden Island and Pandemic (they also like Forbidden Desert, but not quite as much because it’s so bloody hard), so I’m doubly looking forward to it. As you say – soon. I think they’re supposed to have copies for Essen this (/last?) week.