Back Seat Pilot

Back Seat Pilot

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Back Seat Pilot

New format! I discussed the reasons for our change of format last week, but for those of you who missed it: We are changing format so that Aileen can unshackle herself from the bonds of a gruelling update schedule on top of a full time job. So that she may discover rooms in our new apartment other than the office. Perhaps she might even once again feel the unfamiliar warmth of the sun on her skin, and feel the burden of overwork lift from her tired shoulders. Maybe she will then stop referring to the comic as ‘my precious’ and speaking in riddles all the time, pausing only briefly to snap about hobbitses.

I have talked about this before, but while comics are a collaborative enterprise, the workload is not equal. A nap on the couch and thirty minutes at the computer is all it takes for me to write a strip, and maybe an hour and a half again to letter it. Meanwhile, this brief flight of my imagination will hold Aileen to the desktop – researching, sketching, drawing, flatting, and then colouring for hours on end. A reduction from six to four panels is an interesting creative challenge for me, but for Aileen it means a significantly smaller amount of time in front of a screen each week.

Maybe come next week she won’t draw me quite as evil looking as in panels 1 & 2. What’s that all about? I definitely don’t remember writing ‘looks like he kicks puppies for sport’ in the character description for this week’s comic.

In further ‘Aileen is overworked’ news, she created this fantastic poster for our friends at Tabletop Cork, for their International Tabletop Day celebration. If you are in or around Cork on the day, come check it out. I will be there all day, either helping out or playing board games, and if the new four panel format is working out, so will Aileen!

8 Comments on Back Seat Pilot
  • wr00t

    New format looks good 😉 oh, and what about doing a barrel roll to the left? 😁

  • Dexter Ó Thuithear

    [analysis hat]
    K-wings are the right call, since you’re running a Firespray. It’s too vulnerable to sustained TLT fire to ignore them for X-wings. The only exception is Biggs, for obvious reasons.
    [/analysis hat]
    [player hat]
    My regular sparring partner and I do this all the time. Pretty much goading each other into the “wrong” play in a tight situation. It’s never taken seriously, and there’s always a “wait, no. You really shouldn’t do that” if motions are made toward it. It’s like back seat flying, with a good natured veteran; they want to scare the hell out of you, but they’re not going to actually put you in danger.
    [/player hat]
    [salt hat]
    [goto salt hat]

    • You mean lovely, wonderful, brilliant, human shield Biggs, unsung hero of the Rebellion?

      • Dexter Ó Thuithear

        It’s always funny when I take my 4x TIE Bomber list and meet anything with Biggs, and I get to explain on the first attack how I get to ignore Biggs because my ordnance must fire at the target locked ship. Biggs players get much less cocky about their positioning after that…

        • Hahaha! Poor ol’ nerfed Biggs. A very fair nerf though, in fairness. And even with it he is still almost essential for a Rebel build.

          • Dexter Ó Thuithear

            The only problem I have with Biggs really is that it’s almost impossible to buff the X-wing without throwing him massively out of balance. He’s essentially holding back two entire ship types just by existing, which is ironic considering his entire schtick is dying.

  • Snarkastic Android

    Given the default plan for the empire is “Blow up planets”, ‘kicking puppies for sport’ does at least only make you low grade evil relative to the faction…