Backer Beware

Backer Beware

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Project Update!

I was just about to do my ‘yoga flame’ as well. It would have been so impressive.

To be clear, this comic is NOT aimed at the ‘Heroes of Normandie’ Kickstarter. I needed a current Kickstarter project for the comic, and this one genuinely piqued my interest. Heroes is a game I’ve always wanted to try, but could never quite figure out how to justify another war game in my collection when the ones I have don’t see enough table time as it is.

The companies and Kickstarters that it is aimed at will remain anonymous, but I am certain that most reading this comic will know exactly what we are talking about. I think even Bob from Marketing would be ashamed at the way in which some companies spam your inbox after you’ve backed their campaign. Sure, if I’ve backed a game that means I’m excited enough to want to hear updates on it, but within reason. A couple of updates about how the project is shaping up, and definitely a shipping notification.

In the handful of Kickstarter projects I have backed, I have seen this handled well, and handled poorly. And worse than that are the companies who take it as permission to add you to a general mailing list/newsletter. That’s infuriating, not to mind legally dubious. A mailing list is a separate opt-in, simple as that. Backing your Kickstarter is not an excuse to email every week long after your project has been delivered. That is not acceptable.

In better Kickstarter news, I backed Moveable Type, a great-looking little card game from an Irish designer. Not only am I supporting local talent, but it means reasonable shipping for once. But I didn’t back it because it was locally produced, I backed it because not only is it a great-looking card game, but it’s a great-looking word-based card game. And we have nowhere near enough word-based games, and I do love words. Unfortunately, by the time the comic is posted, the KS will have ended, but I should have it before Christmas, and if it’s any good you’ll be hearing about it here.

Word games! I am excited.

11 Comments on Backer Beware
  • Emily

    Damn it man! Don’t tell me about cool looking word game kickstarters that will have closed before your post appears!

    • Sorry! I’ll … post up pictures of the game when it’s delivered and talk about how great it is, that’ll help, right … 🙂

      • Emily


  • Dexter Ó Thuithear

    I was entirely done with Kickstarter and it’s failed projects, insane updates, and awful hit-to-miss ratio. Suddenly Bears vs Babies arrived, and I had to break my rule. Exploding Kittens has become such a party/group staple now (and now the Imploding Kittens expansion, which is glorious in both it’s silliness, and genius packaging) I couldn’t help myself.


    • KS is a bit of a problem like that. Actually, it’s a lot of a problem, and an expensive one as well. And speaking of expensive, Heroes of the Resistance is out now, so there’s that too.

      • Dexter Ó Thuithear

        Yup… I have it in my possession. I’m hugely in favour of the T70 pilots, and many of the upgrade cards, but I honestly couldn’t give a toss about the Falcon. In fact, it’s even disappointingly finished; it’s wash looks like it was applied with a 3inch wall brush. Perhaps I’m biased in that I haven’t taken my Falcon out of it’s case since about Wave 2 – and really didn’t want, nor need, another Falcon – but everything else in the box is gloriously good. I’d *almost* get another box just for extra copies of Snap Shot.

        • A Snap Shot swarm could be pretty effective/annoying. I will be trying some Falcon lists though, I think the Rey/Finn combo has some real potential – expensive though it is. Tempted to try a tanky Falcon/Ghost combo.

          • Dexter Ó Thuithear

            Oh the Rey pilot, Finn crew combo is legit as hell. I came up against it at the weekend. Combos beautifully with the new Falcon title card, too. Not as tanky as the 3P0/Falcon evade combo, but probably a bit stronger in offense.

  • Eddie

    Kickstarter seems to be turning into it’s own social media platform some what. Now with the ability to follow creators and the superbacker moniker it is becoming like another facebook but with stuff you can back. But I am right there with you, I like to know if a game creator I liked launches a new game because I am interested, but what does not get me interested is telling us about the new project you launched 4 different times through updates on your other projects.

    • Yeah, it’s definitely getting out of hand. KS has been great for board games, but I think we might be eventually see the bubble burst to an extent. I’m sure it will always be around, and that is great, but maybe not to the extent it is now. Literally impossible to keep track of all the games on KS.

  • wr00t

    Oh my, this is so accurate! 😀 I have only backed maybe 2 games in 5 years that i actually intended to get. But usually i just back to donate a few bucks to an interesting project. But lately i tend not to do anything as it is so annoying. Usually after backing i unsubscribe after the first update 😀 But sometimes it is not enough. I have backed Scuba i think (because Yucata owner begged everyone to support this game, so i thought, why not) and i have selected NO REWARDS. Yet it had spammed me with request to fill in the form for months and the creator couldn’t do anything about it (yeah, Kickstarter on its own is a mess). So finally i had to fill in some gibberish into that form to get rid of it. One time i was accused by a creator that i have requested goodies, but i haven’t backed enough, though again, i just donated 2$ with No rewards option. All these experiences make me not look at Kickstarter at all. I would rather just Paypal some sum directly than going through that process and getting tons of nonsense updates and ads for their other projects. And i shouldn’t even start about IndieGoGo, which is even bigger mess.. 😀