Bin Liner Demons

Bin Liner Demons

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Bin Liner Demons

I submitted a pitch to a monster-themed anthology a couple of weeks back. The pitch wasn’t accepted, but I liked the idea enough to boil it down to four panels for inclusion here. I think it has the character and humour to slot into Tiny Wooden Pieces, even if it’s not actually about board games. It does have one in it, though. So there.

Not much gaming going on the last week or so (another reason this week’s comic is off-theme). But we have a game of D ‘n D lined up for the weekend, which I’m very excited about. We’re still new to RPGs, and my goal now is to gather enough experience to run a campaign myself amongst friends.

I’m particularly excited about the idea of building a story, complete with world and characters, which players can interact with, shape, and discover as they play. It’s something that strongly appeals to the writer in me. To start with, I will probably pick an existing campaign to help me learn the ropes, but I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to resist tinkering with it, and adding my own flavour.

Despite not having an opportunity to play any games all week, we still couldn’t resist adding to our collection by backing Oaxaca on Kickstarter. Oaxaca is co-designed by Sarah Reed, a friend, and long-time supporter of the comic. But we didn’t back Oaxaca as a favour, we did so on the strength of her previous game Project Dreamscape, which I have mentioned before as one of our favourite two-player games. It’s a quick, clever, engaging, and beautiful card game that is the perfect weight for its play time.

Oaxaca is similarly beautiful, with arresting and colourful artwork to match its theme. It’s about crafting goods for a market stall – such markets being what the city of Oaxaca is best known for. Mechanically, it’s a mix of dice rolling, engine building, and card selection – which is to say it could have been designed with me as the target market. The KS has already passed its funding goal, and is now ticking off stretch goals, which I’m very happy to say seem to be focused solely on improving the quality of the game. It’s worth checking out, certainly if you like games that lean towards creating and crafting, rather than attacking and destroying (not that there’s anything wrong that).

11 Comments on Bin Liner Demons
  • Emily

    It’s your comic, you can put in whatever (vague) links to boardgames you like!
    If you’re looking for GMing tips, do you read the webcomic Darths & Droids? Not only is it enjoyable, but there are often little GMing tips or comments in the commentary below.

    • Thanks Emily! You’re the best.
      I haven’t heard of that webcomic, but I love the name, and am checking it out right now.
      Thanks for tip!

      • Travis Froggatt

        Another good one is Darths & Droids’ inspiration, DM of the Rings (, although that’s more of a lesson on how NOT to do it.

        • I’m loving Darths & Droids, so this is on my list for when I finish it/catch up (which, at the rate I’m going, isn’t going to take long at all)

          • Emily

            I keep meaning to check out DM of the Rings, I should do it now while D&D is on break.

            They’ve just finished the 6th movie and are about to start Rogue One so hopefully the archives should last you a little while Colin!

    • Have already read a HUGE amount of Darths & Droids, I love it! Thanks for the tip.

  • Sarah Reed

    Aw, thank you for the kind comments and support of our games! It means a lot to me and I am so excited for how well our campaign is going. I can’t wait for people to get our game and hopefully enjoy it! ❤️

    As for your comic, it’s yours to do with as you please, and this is really funny. I’d much rather play a game with my dirt monsters than constantly battle it with cleaners. 😜

    As for DnD, I hope you have a blast. When I first started with 3.0, I took modules and modified them to be what I wanted. So much easier and it helped me learn the basics. So you’re on a good path. 👍

    • Emily

      Your new kickstarter looks interesting. And such reasonable international shipping rates!

      • Sarah Reed

        Thank you! We tried. Shipping is not fun, expensive everywhere, but we’re doing what we can to make it more affordable. 🙂

    • Delighted to see how well Oaxaca is doing! – and not just because it means our copy of the game will have more stuff in it 🙂
      D&D was a lot of fun, we spent pretty much the entire day and evening playing. Loads of fun, and it’s got me very excited for more roleplay.

      • Sarah Reed

        Haha, I am totally stoked for us to get to as many of the stretch goals as possible! Maximum Oaxaca goodness! ^_^

        Glad you had a lot of fun! When my group gets going, we can end up playing all day!