Destroy It Yourself

Destroy It Yourself

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Destroy It Yourself

One of the (many) wonderful things about board games is how it brings out the inner crafter. It certainly has brought out mine. Assembling and painting miniatures, printing and cutting PNP games, customer storage for card and miniature games. There is nothing quite like the satisfaction of completing a project, be it anything from Lego, to a Kallax, to homemade dice tray. And board gaming provides plenty of opportunity for crafting projects of all stripes.

Prime amongst this is probably storage solutions or inserts. While you can buy amazing solutions online, I always prefer to at least give it a go myself. Not least because shipping to Ireland is a continual thorn in the side of our hobby – everything from Kickstarters to accessories – that’s what we get for living on a tiny island.

I recently tackled FFG’s Arkham Horror CCG. While the box will fit everything plus expansions, sorting the cards is a serious issue. There are far too many categories of cards for each deck and scenario, which meant every time we wanted to play we had to pull everything out and sort through it. The time spent on a box where we could divide the cards into categories with ease was worth it.

Next up, I intend to tackle Eclipse. Again, the game has plenty of room in the box, but there are literally hundreds of tokens and counters, and set-up is sanity-sapping and fiddly. If there is any game in our collection that I would love to see hit the table more often, it’s Eclipse. So if there is anything I can do to help that I will.

15 Comments on Destroy It Yourself
  • wr00t

    The most i have done is adding some zip baggies to games 😀

    • Daniel Sroka

      Yeah, baggies and rubberbands are about my level of craftiness too. Although I sometimes find wooden cigar boxes can work as a cool way to store some collections (like a bunch of Munchkin expansions).

      • I’m constantly saving boxes of all shapes and sizes as well, certain that they will eventually come in handy to house some game.

        • Daniel Sroka

          And then you need to find a storage system for your box collection, and so on, and so on…..

    • That’s how it begins!

  • Snarkastic Android

    For fast set-up, I’ve found these pots are pretty darned useful:

    Each type of token goes in it’s own pot, so you unscrew them and lay them out. It makes putting them away easy too. There is a wider size, but they might struggle to fit in some boxes (I’ve used the wider ones for Dead of Winter and they just fit laying on their sides)

    • Oh, those do look really useful. There are a bunch of games we have that they could be used for. Thanks for the link!

      • Snarkastic Android

        No worrries – hopefully you can find some Ireland based suppliers for them too since that might save on postage horrors!

  • Stephen M. Schaefer

    Same here. Love Eclipse, but it’s hard to get to the table.

    I do love the BT insert for it, though.

    • Oh, do you have it? We actually are considering it, as my crafting skills really might not be up to the job.

  • Hawkeye37

    Just came to this comic via Up To Four Players (another fun board game webcomic for anyone reading this who’s not checked them out). And enjoyed this so much have read your entire backlog in three days! Love the comics – keep them up! Favourite comics? This one and this one Won’t look at either game in quite the same way again!

  • Dexter Ó Thuithear

    X-wing and Armada are a constant struggle to keep storage solutions for. Because they’re ever expanding, any solution needs to be expandable too, not to mention modular and organisable. I gave up on a home made solution for the ships really early, simply because it wasn’t going to scale well no matter what I did. The plethora of tokens, dials, cards, and other necessary sundries all needed some more creative solutions though (and I can’t say I’m happy with what I have so far either).

    While I may have given up on the ship storage front, the playing surface is very different. We don’t have a huge table to cater for all games and group sizes in the house, so I’ve built a series of modular table toppers that expand an island unit I built for the kitchen out from it’s regular size (fine for a few people to play Pandemic) to anything up to 6×4 (so I can get my full Armada on). Eventually, I’ll replace this with a custom table I’ll build myself, but that idea will have to wait until I have room to do it. I can build a modular table with my eyes closed, but I can’t magic up some extra room in the house…

    In other news, I finally got around to playing 1st And Goal with a fellow American football player last week. Absolutely cracking game. Is forgotten how good it was, not having broken it out for years. Definitely made all the better by trying to outguess someone who understands play call tactics. Highly recommend it.

    • Yeah, the ever-expanding nature of X-Wing is what makes it such a problem. I’ve given up on a ideal home storage solution, and instead focused my efforts on an ideal way to travel with the game. I play most of my X-Wing outside the house, so I have a box that fits just enough tokens, dials, etc for a few lists, and a Feldherr case which will carry plenty enough ships.
      1st and Goal had actually slipped my mind, but now it’s on my radar again…

      • Dexter Ó Thuithear

        My travel solution ties to my home storage. The feldherr half size trays are great for that modularity between solutions. Very easy to pull a ship from the storage to the travel case, and the organiser that matches the size for the tokens, cards etc to boot. I must stick up a picture of the system I’m using for the X-wing and Armada stuff. It almost looks imposing at this stage.

        1st And Goal is a great little game, made even more interesting when you realise there’s expansion packs available that give you new teams. The teams all have characteristics of their own, represented by each having different values on the dice to the originals. I haven’t bought any yet, but after just a turn or two of the game, you appreciate how much of a difference that makes in how the team feels.

        The con is on in Limerick soon. If you’re popping up for any of it, I can always bring it along and give you a game or two! Try before you buy!