Flight of Dracula

Flight of Dracula

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A stake is the only way to kill a Gary, as conventional means have no lasting effect on him. Well, I say conventional, but the reality is that he has had some pretty unconventional deaths in his time.

Poor guy, he should really stop beating me at X-Wing.

We don’t actually own ‘Fury of Dracula’, but it’s pretty high on our want list. And now that Fantasy Flight Games will no longer be working with Games Workshop, it is a game that could become very difficult to get in the near future, as the game is a product of this licensing agreement. We have heard nothing but great things since the new edition came out, and in typical FF fashion, it looks gorgeous. Perhaps Christmas will be kind. By which I mean perhaps we will be kind to ourselves over Christmas, as we are grown-ups who Santa has long since abandoned.

The %$£*.

As I’ve mentioned before, some friends of ours are planning a pop-up board game cafe in December, as a proof of concept for an actual board game cafe. The success of the pop-up will help determine the viability of a cafe further down the line. Obviously, we’re more than a little excited about this, and we’re doing as much as we can to help out.

Right now, I’m working on a list of board games for inclusion in the cafe, and I am trying to make a list of games that would be considered ‘essential’ for a board game cafe. If you wanted to help, you can do so by leaving a comment listing 3-5 games (or more, if you’re inclined) that you would consider ‘essential’ for a board game cafe. Whether they are personal preference, games with wide appeal – whatever criteria you wish to apply.

All suggestions gratefully received!

26 Comments on Flight of Dracula
  • Harxy

    Incan Gold/Diamant
    Survive: Escape from Atlantis
    Obvs Carc, Catan, all the Tickets..
    Something beautiful to look at once completed like Medina
    Cosmic Encounter, or better yet Got: The Iron Throne. Not that it’s a better game, but you know, for the muggles.
    Junkart/Super Rhino
    Sheriff Of Notts

    I’m done! Love the comic as always!

    • Harxy

      Hello! is not a game but a greeting

    • Thank you, and thank you for reading the comic. We really appreciate it, and the guys at Tabletop Cork will really appreciate the comprehensive list.

  • Dexter Ó Thuithear

    Oh nice. I’ll certainly make a trip down for that. It’s something I flirted with the idea of up here, but I don’t think the player base is here to support it, even casually.

    We have a tendency to make trips to Oslo bar in Galway, where we bring a few games and eat, drink, and play. I can say the games that have always worked best for us in that environment is ones that have a quick set up, and can be played in about 15 to 45 minutes.
    Games like Love Letter, Boss Monster, Exploding Kittens, and Star Fluxx, and Zombie Dice are all top choices for us. Quick to learn, quick to play.

    Those four avoid boards, but games like Tsuro, Ticket to Ride, and Takenoko are brilliant choices for the same reason. King of Tokyo/New York is a great interactive choice. Forbidden Island/Desert are also fantastically inclusive for kids.

    I’d throw an oar in for some “screw over” games like Munchkin, too. Anything to promote good humoured arguments and backstabbery.

    This is, of course, ignoring obvious classics like Catan, Pandemic, etc. I’m just touching on games that are fast to learn for inevitable new players.

    Oh, and theme games are often great draws. Games like Formula D and 4th and Goal for sports fans. Perfect for the off season!

    • There’s quite a few in there I hadn’t thought of – stuff like Formula D & Zombie Dice. They will be running the pop-up in the Roundy every second Sunday from the 11th of Dec. I’ll be aiming to be in there either helping out or playing games pretty much every Sunday they run it, so yeah, come down!

  • Peter Schott

    Might be worth looking at BGG’s gift guide for 2016. I saw several I owned and a lot of popular/good games in the list. All seem suitable for quicker playing times and those new to these types of games, but still enjoyable to those who have been in the hobby for a while. I might consider Rhino Hero in the kids/party game area, but still a good list. It also might be worth seeing what gamers are playing at other similar venues and playing consistently. I know Snakes and Lattés had a handful of videos in the last year about what they choose and why.

    • Someone already mentioned Snakes and Lattes – but I didn’t realise they did videos as well. And the BGG list is definitely worth a look. All great suggestions, and I appreciate it!

      • Peter Schott

        I know they were in the Dice Tower’s Board Game Breakfast videos. I’d hope they were available separately, but am not 100% sure on that. I thought it was interesting seeing them explain their reasoning for games. In the US/CA, having familiar games is a must and that includes games we’d normally avoid – Monopoly, Scrabble, Trouble, Sorry, Uno, and the like. There may be some go-to games that most in the area know and those would also be pretty important to have. They also made a point of having people on staff who can teach just about any game that they stock so when people pull a game to play they can get help getting started. Similarly, someone who can recommend different games when asked and knows how to steer someone to the right game for them is important.

  • Neil Biggs

    I’d recommend having analogues:
    Wits & Wagers for fans of Trivial Pursuit
    Catan (collect, build, trade) or Panic On Wall St (buying and selling) for fans of Monopoly
    Not sure what to suggest for Cluedo, Deception: Murder In Hong Kong is only linked vaguely by theme
    Paperback for fans of Scrabble

    Quick to explain and set-up titles:
    Timeline (Music and Cinema in particular would be accessible, though any set would work)
    Welcome To The Dungeon

    Bang the Dice Game
    Ninja Dice (especially with the scenario cards expansion – it’s a dice game where all players are involved each turn)
    Star Realms
    No Thanks

    Games with a story:
    Above and Below (action selection meets choose your own adventure – a very sweet-natured game)
    Dead of Winter
    Gloom (warning: Some of the language is archaic which can make them harder for some people to build in to stories)

    Other recommendations:
    Evolution: Climate
    BattleCon: War of Indines (amazing 2 player fighting game)
    King Of Tokyo
    Love Letter
    PitchCar Mini

    Some mid to heavy Euros would be good too, but they’re not my thing so not sure what to recommend

    • That’s a super-comprehensive list, Neil, thank you so much. And the idea of having ‘analogues’ is perfect for a board game cafe as well. Really appreciate you putting the time in, thank you.

      • Neil Biggs

        No worries – I have friends pondering setting one up themselves, so it’s not the first time I’ve thought about this question!

  • Ben Thorp

    A copy of every game that’s been on Tabletop.

    • You know, that would actually be a really good idea. That is the first step on the road to the hobby for so many people these days. Thank you Ben!

  • Sarah Reed

    Dominion, Agricola, King of Tokyo, Lanterns, Smallworld. Each one of those introduces a different mechanism and are pretty easy to learn, except Agricola. You could replace Agricola with Lords of Waterdeep as that’s easier to learn, but Agricola is a better representation of “euro” style mechanisms.

    • A comment directly on our website, I feel honoured 🙂 Thank you Sarah, and that seems like a really solid list, and going by mechanism is a clever idea as well. Thanks!

      • Sarah Reed

        Haha! I’m just on FB so much, it’s easier to comment there, especially on mobile devices, but today I was at home on my desktop so it was easier to comment here. 😀

        Anyway, yeah, one thing a game cafe really needs to be ready for is all the different player types and game mechanisms. Unless a game is really hot then, of course, it’s a good idea to have it. Otherwise, make sure to cover all your bases and choose ones that are easiest to learn.

        Good luck to your friends!

  • EricR

    Snakes and Lattes just recently did their first two-part podcast on — you guessed it — the Top 10 Best Cafe games. As a popular Toronto, Ontario cafe for 6+ years now, they’ve got some solid advice (and a generally excellent podcast!).
    Part 1: [ http://www.snakesandlattes.com/podcast/184/Top-10-Cafe-Recommendations,-part-one/ ]
    Part 2: [ http://www.snakesandlattes.com/podcast/185/Top-10-Caf%C3%A9-Recommendations,-Part-Two/ ]

    • That’s perfect! Thank you so much. And have they really been going for 6 years? That seems amazing.

  • tabletopCork

    Thank you Colin and Aileen- some great replies below from your great readers, & thank you all for the suggestions, much appreciated. We’ve added them to our shopping list!

    You can follow us on Facebook [ https://www.facebook.com/tabletopcork/ ] or @tabletopCork on twitter for all the latest news. C

  • Neil Robinson

    There nothing a gamer like more than being asked to make a list!

    Spyfall is great for groups and easy to learn.
    Adventure Land looks amazing on a table and is really rather good.
    Greed, is a bit edgy, but it is magnificent for up to five.

    • Spyfall is perfect, the other two I have never heard of. To BGG with me!
      (and thanks for the suggestions)

  • cdaveb

    Lot of good suggestions already. 2 games I haven’t seen listed that I’d consider because they’re not super long and they’re very easy to learn are Splendor and Flashpoint.

    • Splendor is perfect, actually. Looks lovely, easy to learn and like you say, it’s quick as well. Flashpoint I have never played, but it does keep coming up as a game people like, so I must look into that.

  • Rabid Rogue

    I would put the focus on easy to understand and short games. Here’s my list:

    Machi Koro
    Settlers of Catan (swap this out if you can think of something shorter/easier!)