Gone with the war games

Gone with the war games

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Writer_smallerAnd happy New Year

Tiny Wooden Pieces returns! Or rather, we return to our scheduled programming. I had a lot of fun organising the guest comics over Christmas, and loved having so many great people on the site. The reaction seems to have been positive, so it’s already in motion for next Christmas, and for a break myself and Aileen will need to take during the year.

Meanwhile, it’s good to be back in the driving seat, re-discovering how much fun it is to make comics with Aileen, and having so much fun poking fun at the hobby we both love so much.

Which brings me nicely back to the comic. I’m not there yet, but fool that I am, the call of Bolt Action is strong. It’s seems to be a nicely realised war game with a genuinely affordable buy-in. It covers World War II (hence the B&W style of today’s comic), which for me is a particularly arresting period of history. The miniatures seem to cover every army, faction, period, and armament of the conflict, offering a nicely broad range of styles and strategies to choose from. I still have a range of paints and brushes from the last time I gave Necromunda a go. But of course, I also have a half-painted gang from that time as well.

Interestingly, today’s comic is sort of a reverse version of Dave’s comic from a few weeks ago.

4 Comments on Gone with the war games
  • wr00t

    Like the retro style of it 🙂 Bolt Action looks cute. Cute when already painted on the site 🙂

    • Yeah, they make that ‘cute’ look really easy, don’t they…
      And Aileen did an amazing job of the black & white feeling on the comic. Great to be back working with her.
      Have a happy, game-filled new year!

  • Ben Thorp

    Not tempted by Rivet Wars instead? 😉

    • I read/watched some dubious enough reviews of that, actually. However, Mantic Games did just announce a Walking Dead miniatures game for later this year…