Happy families

Happy families

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Guest Comics are officially here!

In case you missed it, myself and Aileen are taking a few weeks off over Christmas, and we didn’t want to leave the site go without any updates. So we called in some help from some talented friends, and got them to make comics for us for three weeks.

This week was written by Dave McNally. Dave’s a friend from the local comic creator meet-up, and this is the first time I’ve worked with him. He’s more of a war gamer than a board gamer, but I was delighted to hear that reading through our archives left him lighter in pocket to the tune of several new board games. I really liked his ideas, and he has written two of the three ‘guest’ comics we will be running.

Artwork is by Damien Duncan, a local who I have worked with on quite a few stories for Grayhaven Comics and Turncoat Press. Damien’s work is brilliant, and I always find his storytelling and innovation makes my writing look better than it is.

Finally, colouring is by Chris O’ Halloran, who is a co-founder of Turncoat Press. A great selection of impressive work can be found here.

Lettering is still by me, more of my work can be found in the archives and this sentence you are reading. I’ve encouraged all the creators to hang around the comments, so say hello if you like. I’m really excited about the next few weeks of comics, as not only do I get to put my feet up, but I think bringing some new voices to the site makes for a great change. I will still be here and posting in the blog and comments over the next few weeks. Please do tell us what you think of the comics. Both myself and Aileen are genuinely excited about the idea of getting more talent and different styles on the site, and we would love to hear how people feel about this (we need to know if we can take a holiday next year).

Finally, and I speak for both myself and Aileen when I say this:


Happy nearly-star-wars everyone! Who wants to go Star Wars Carol-ing?

12 Comments on Happy families
  • Jesse Diego Perez

    Love the first guest comic. The story is on point and the art is terrific. You can really tell the game store guy is so into the mission of finding the perfect game.This really hammers home the importance of finding a good FLGS. So many games in my collection came from conversations just like the one above. And of course from all the games featured in this comic. I added Dead of Winter, Citadels, and Love Letter to my collection in the last 4 weeks after catching up on the archives. None of those have hit the table yet but I was inspired to finally bring my copy of Pandemic to the table a couple of weeks ago by your comic.

    • Thanks for the feedback Jesse! Delighted to year you were inspired to add games to your collection after reading the comic. You have no idea how happy feedback like that makes myself and Aileen. It’s like an early Christmas present 🙂 I say early, because I presume you are also sending us an actual Christmas present. Right Jesse?

    • Dave McNally

      Thanks Jesse. The guy in our local store is a real God-send. He seems to have nearly infinite patience for my dumb questions. I think I’m going to try to convince my wife to try Dead of Winter over the Christmas holidays.

  • Ben Thorp

    Gloom was given to me a couple of Christmases ago by friends who didn’t really know I had just got back into gaming. Which was odd. But also awesome – I love it.

    I’ve struggled to get my wife to play most of my games 🙁 She likes Catan and Darjeeling, but usually can’t be persuaded to choose much else.

    (FYI got Burgle Bros to the table with my kids and had a blast. It was everything I had hoped it would be – similar to Forbidden Island/Desert, but with a cool heist theme. Also played Tiny Epic Galaxies, which was also good fun (but needs better quality “home galaxy” boards.)

    • Oh, I really want to try Burgle Bros. I’ll have to see what the cost is once it hits retail. It’s been a long time since I played Gloom myself, but I do remember enjoying it. Great sense of humour, and the transparent card design is really nice as well.

      • Ben Thorp

        Burgle Bros vailable here: https://fowers-games.myshopify.com/collections/frontpage/products/burgle-bros

        Price, including shipping to Ireland, is about $50…. 😉

        Every game of Gloom I’ve played has been memorable for different reasons. It’s one of the few games where there are times when you genuinely make a decision for the benefit of the story more than for “winning”.

        • Paperback as well! I also want that, and it’s a little cheaper too…

    • Dave McNally

      Hi Ben, Gloom was a big hit in our house even though my wife really wasn’t interested in games to begin with. She has just reminded me that the game that really hooked her was Tsuro. You could try that.

  • Dave McNally

    Hello everyone. First of all, thanks to Colin and Aileen for allowing me to write a couple of guest spots for them. I think Damien and Chris both did excellent work on this week’s story, so thank you to them too.
    I hope you will forgive me if I don’t quite reach the heights of Colin’s usual stories. I think it’s remarkable he maintains such a high standard each week. I am a mere beginner by comparison but I hope you enjoy the story and it raises a smile.
    This story is based loosely on a real life conversation I had with the absolute gentleman who runs our local gaming store. We eventually played (and thoroughly enjoyed) Gloom on his recommendation.
    As Colin said in his blog post I read his archive in preparation for writing this story and found myself back in the Game store. This time i left with Love Letter, Pandemic and Elder Sign. My wife, originally unenthusiastic, turned out to be a merciless destroyed of dreams playing Love Letter. We moved on to Pandemic, in the hope that a co-op game would be less likely to leave me weeping, and it was a big hit. Elder Sign is next and we are firmly on the path to being dedicated board gamers.
    I am still nominally a wargamer but the next story shows exactly how much gaming time real life has allowed me recently. I hope you will read that one too and let me know what you think.

    • wr00t

      Great comic. Looking forward for the next one. Haven’t played Gloom myself (only seen it on Tabletop), but it looks like a fun game with unique theme.

  • wr00t

    Colij, you are cheating. Still doing lots of work here instead of vacations 🙂

    • I’m afraid vacation simply means ‘less’ work, instead of none …
      Anyway, I enjoy talking to our readers about board games far too much to consider it work 🙂