Hide the Wizard

Hide the Wizard

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Writer_smallerChristmas is Coming

If you live in, around, near, or even just in the general landmass that supports the city of Cork, you should come along to the Tabletop Cafe pop-up this Sunday. It’s upstairs in the Roundy Bar on Castle St. If you come along say hello! I’ll be helping out all day, and would be delighted to meet some readers, and if it’s not too busy, maybe even play some games as well. I am even willing to play a wizardy game, if you ask really nice. Maybe.

Next week we begin our now-annual tradition of Guest Week. This is where we get our excellent friends and collaborators to make some comics for the site, putting some variety into proceeds, and allowing us a break over Christmas. Well, I say us, but really, I mean Aileen. While I can knock out a script in about an hour, in between writerly naps on the couch, it can then take Aileen the better part of two days to pencil, ink, and colour it. Guest Week also allows us to recharge our batteries, and I always feel we come out of the break making better comics.

The plan as it stands now is to have two ‘guest comics’ over the next three weeks, and also include our own Christmas special (yes, Guest Week runs for three weeks, it’s a thing). I am not yet 100% when our comic will run in that three-week period, but obviously, I would encourage you all to come and check out the guest comics as well.

We have some returning guest creators with Damien Duncan and Dave McNally, and a couple of exciting new faces as well. Everyone involved in Guest Week is someone I have worked with before on other comic projects. They are all people I trust to deliver great work. They are as good as, and in some cases, clearly better than, our own work. I will also continue to include a blog post with each comic, so while we get to take a break, you don’t actually get to take a break from me.

Soz. LOLZ.

Also by this time next week, I will have seen Rogue One, so I will likely be unable to think about anything else at that point – so expect a blog post about it. I am so excited! Is everyone else not this excited as well?

HO HO HO Star Wars!

3 Comments on Hide the Wizard
  • wr00t

    No worries about the missing comic 😉 Yes, i have stopped going to cinema, so they won’t spoil me with Rogue One trailers and do not watch anything on the Internet 😀

    • The comic has been found alive and well!
      I have been going to the cinema, but I sit there with my eyes shut and my hands over my ears humming to myself while the trailers are on. It’s actually quite annoying. Still, STAR WARS! And only a few days away now.

      • wr00t

        I don’t want to look weird 😀 I usually just look down at my tablet (well, i always do that during the trailers and commercials part..) 🙂