Hold the line

Hold the line

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My slide back into the pit of miniatures gaming has been slow, but not completely surprising. The signs were there. Technically, in fact, I am already there, and have been for some time. X-Wing probably accounts for a good 50% of our gaming time so far in 2016. And as much as I was fond of telling myself otherwise, it is a miniatures game. The squad sizes are tiny, and you don’t have to paint a thing. There isn’t even any terrain or giant gaming boards to worry about. All this helped in the lie, as I bought ship after ship after ship. ‘It’s just because I like Star Wars!’ I would tell myself. But I can no longer lie to myself. Well, not about this, anyway.

But a man has to have principles, even if they are principles that are picked up on the retreat from previously held ones. So, for now, I hold firm to one last line: no more blind booster packs. Even if I helplessly expand existing games with more units, expansions, rules, figures, paints, cards, I can still hold on to one thing: I will know up front what I am buying, and I know that it is useful to me. My purchases won’t be blind, and my collection will be finite.

That’s a principle, right?

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  • Ben Thorp

    I have neither the time nor the money to get into miniatures 🙁 Not even X-Wing. Although I might sneak a copy of Star Wars Risk in at some point 😉

    In fact, my line is probably nothing collectible (and no buying expansions before I’ve played the base game – I have the Big Box Escape, Among the Stars + expansions and Nothing Personal + expansions, and so far only ever played the base game of each, and not even played that much of any of them).

    • Pretty solid rules for the sake of sanity. Been seeing Star Wars Risk around a lot, and heard some really great reviews of it as well. Very tempting, it really does seem like it is an excellent two player game. Also, Star Wars. That helps.

      • Talismania!

        People are saying incredibly nice things about Star Wars Carcassonne as well. Who would have thought?

        • I know! It’s such a bizarre crossing, a quaint medieval tile placement game with Star Wars. It’s quite funny.

  • Jesse Diego Perez

    Ha Ha, if only I’d been as strong as you in my “principals”. 2011, Thanksgiving, I was just getting REALLY into tabletop gaming and had established a very nice play group with my family of 5 and another family of 4. And what did he do, that so called “friend”? He brought over some MtG intro decks with an innocent, “Have you heard of this game?” My kids were 11, 7, and 6. It had been 7-8 years since I last played, 10-15 since I’d played seriously. My 7 year old says “Ooooh, what’s that?” and next thing you know, here I am 4 years later and we haven’t stopped playing. It’s great that my kids love it too but for the sake of their souls, I should have thrown out the “evil” before it took hold of for now all is lost. Love the comic. Keep up the excellent work and thank you for being a great start to my weekend every week.

    • Thank you so much for the kind words, Jesse. Glad you’re enjoying the comic so much! It’s great that you have a game you can play with your kids, just unfortunate that the game is evil and may forever tarnish their souls and taint their lives. Your family is in our prayers 🙂

  • Tor Iver Wilhelmsen

    My “minis game of focus” is Cthulhu Wars, but that is limited to the Kickstarters – I haven’t seen it or any of the expansions in retail around here ever. So the minis* come in one yearly or so “burst” in the Onslaughts, so any temptation to buy on a whim is nullified by that being impossible.

    *) Or “maxis”; which remain unpainted because faction colors – thouhg the neutral monsters and Great Old Ones have a tempting grey color that whispers it can be coated with paint…

    • I didn’t realise Cthulhu Wars was collectible. I thought it was a one-off box (and WHAT a box, maybe the biggest I’ve ever seen?) Bit I suppose expansions are basically inevitable. How does Cthulhu Wars play, actually? All I know is that it Looks amazing.
      (I like the idea of a ‘minis’ game of focus’ -am I allowed to have two though?)

      • Tor Iver Wilhelmsen

        Well, it’s more “dudes on a map with large minis” than a miniatures game per se – and is quite simple to play except for the intricacies of the various special powers and spell books the various factions have. But the expense… I mean, INVESTMENT – in CW meant that I skipped on other minis-heavy projects like The Others: 7 Sins.

        (If I disallow you from having two you will save money!)

        • But I don’t want money, I want MINIATURES!

          • crandora

            then Cthulhu Wars is the game for you :p
            i just got 3 whole expsanions for it for a bargain £150 lol

          • Yikes! That is a whole lot for expansions. I presume it comes with a whole lot more giant, gigantic miniatures, though? Those minis are huuuuuge.

          • crandora

            It does! 😀 in fairness it is for the 3 faction exspanions so probably the most costly of all of them. But the game is that fun its worth every penny

  • I think “no blind booster pack” is a very good principle. I think one is waaay better off with LCGs than with CCGs. I never touch that shit again. Never. 😀 (And I didn’t even play in a competitive way, just with friends…)

    • I have no problem with LCGs at all, I think that is a great and fair way to keep expanding a card game. Definitely better than blind buying.

  • Talismania!

    You guys have clearly forgotten the fun of sealed deck tournaments – go into a room with a few lands, pay a few euro, have a massive card draft, test your real Magic deck building and playing skills against the rest, and come out of it with a bunch of extra cards? Sometimes the pusher, er host will give you the first one for free . . .

    • You know, I did once try a sealed format Magic tournament, and despite performing woefully, I do think it is one of the most fun ways to play the game, and it serves to level the playing field -no one can ‘buy’ their way to victory.
      However, I have decided to not go down a competitive route with anything I play. How long this principle lasts, I don’t know…

  • Senno

    Hold steady. Going down the Magic route is a sure way to the poor house.

    • We already nearly broke from regular board games! So many exciting releases and Kicktarters these days. So many difficult decisions!

  • wr00t

    Right 🙂