How To Make Friends & Influence People

How To Make Friends & Influence People

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Writer_smallerNew Friends

Turns out Miss Rosie Rollanmove wanted to play Monopoly. She’s the worst. Luckily, Gummy Drops, Lord sadButtons, C3PNO, Fun Bob, and Tabatha Deathstare were all up for a game of Eclipse. Hooray! As soon as Aileen gets back from the store we can break out Space Cadets: Dice Duel. I hope she gets those buns.

This week we’re on holiday! Only an hour from home, but the difference between Cork and West Cork (where we’re staying) is a world apart. Down by the coast, on the Wild Atlantic Way (Copyright Irish Tourist Board) we’re by the beach, and beside Clonakilty, a small town packed with great bars, food, and culture.

So far the weather has prevented us from experiencing a lot of this, but obviously we don’t mind falling back on board games. We got up late today, and after breakfast played X-Wing, walked on the beach, and as I type we’re snacking on local cheese and crackers while some dinner roasts in the oven. If I had a pet pig who could fetch my slippers, I would literally be living the dream right now. Still, life is pretty good.

As we are hiding out in the middle of nowhere, I don’t have much to report in the way of news, but before we left, I was concerned to see Seafall Legacy get a very lukewarm review from Shut Up & Sit Down. I didn’t get a chance to see if there were any other reviews, particularly if any matched this sentiment. Anyone played it or seen other reviews? Is it really not the cardboard messiah I have been expecting?

5 Comments on How To Make Friends & Influence People
  • wr00t

    I have watched a few “first impressions” videos of Dice Tower. They are getting better, but it doesn’t seem that Seafall will be any kind of messiah.

    • I must watch those, see if I can form my own impressions. I generally tend to agree with Tom Vasel, if he’s reviewing.

      • wr00t

        Just watch out for the spoilers since the 2nd video 😉

  • Ben Thorp

    We had 8 at our games group on Wednesday for the first time in ages. Played Resistance, Good Cop/Bad Cop and Codenames. Now I have an excuse to order Captain Sonar!

    • I am actually actively avoiding watching reviews of that, as I’m pretty certain I’ll just ended up buying it, and it will end up on the same shelf as Dice Duel…