It tricks us with riddles

It tricks us with riddles

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If you didn’t see last week, we are taking a break for a few weeks over Christmas, to rest, recharge, play board games, and come back to the comic with new ideas and renewed energy. Being able to make the comic every week is a privilege, and I’m looking forward to another year of it, but we do feel that we will be better for the time off.

But! Fear not! The site will still update, and there will still be new comics every week. Christmas is saved! I have rounded up some amazingly talented friends of ours and – using charm, bribes, lies, and on one occasion, a box of matches and a wet newspaper – convinced them to do a series of guest comics. The comics will be in keeping with our usual subject matter, but will allow for some new voices and styles. At this stage the artwork has started to come in, and I’m honestly very excited for the next three weeks of comics. I’m so excited, in fact, that I have already started to plan guest comics for next year. True story.

I will also still be updating with a blog post every week, and responding to comments, so stay with us and make our new creators feel welcome. You guys are a great audience, and I’d love for them to feel really involved with the site and community.

On a final point, without looking it up, I honestly am never sure about the answer to that dice question. And it’s one of those things that, five minutes after looking it up, I will have forgotten again.

18 Comments on It tricks us with riddles
  • Ben Thorp

    Firstly, is it weird that I know you’re watching the Gilmore Girls in the first panel?

    Secondly, I tend to think of it that dice sounds a little like dies, which would be a more normal plural of die. Thus die = singular, and dies = dice = plural. 😉

    (Thirdly, I opted for delayed shipment of Thunderbirds, so no comparing of notes until late January 🙁 )

    • Omer Hertz

      I concur – it’s “Die” for singular and “Dice” for plural (and it always annoys me when people use “dice” for singular, actually. I never heard anyone say “die” in the plural, but I suppose such people do exist… unfortunately)

      • Peter Schott

        You haven’t listened to the Blue Peg, Pink Peg podcast, then. I enjoy the hosts but they struggle with using “die” and “dice” properly, often getting them backwards.

    • Gilmore Girls! I’ve been thinking about it a lot since they announced new episodes, was wondering if I would flush out any fans in the comments. Aileen, however, is exactly as excited as depicted above.

    • wr00t

      Exactly the same thing i’m doing in my mind (and i’m not a native English speaker).

    • Aaron Gannaway

      I read that first panel and was thinking…I know those names…I should know what they are watching…about 30 seconds later…..Gilmore Girls!!!! 🙂 Shortly after that I thought, I really should watch an episode of Gilmore Girls later tonight. Is it weird that I own the series? 🙂

    • Rene

      Ha! I showed this one to my wife. She thought it was funny, but even more so that I knew it was Gilmore Girls

  • Steven

    Die is “correct” singular (and, per wiktionary, predominant among tabletop gamers), dice is plural (though it is quite common for people to use “dice” for singular; and apparently, there’s a game called “Dice”, in which the name of the game is singular. “The game of Dice (singular) is played with dice (plural).”). Confused yet?

    How can you remember the “correct” way? Here are a couple of ideas: (1) The idiom “the die is cast”, not “the die are cast” or “the dice is cast.” (Great, now we’ll all mess up the idiom by thinking about it). (2) “Dice” sounds like “dies”, so it sounds plural. (3) In cooking, “to dice” is to cut into small cubes (plural), not just one cube.

    • ‘the die is cast’ might actually work for me. Probably. Maybe.

      • I don’t understand why “1 apple, 2 apples” => “1 die, 1 dies/dice” is not helpful? 🙂 Of course, my mother language is not English.

      • I don’t understand why “1 apple, 2 apples” => “1 die, 1 dies/dice” is not helpful? 🙂 Of course, my mother language is not English.

  • Daniel Newman

    why is this a thing? i’m mystified that there’s any confusion at all.

  • Shell

    Taking mice as the example the answer is obvious. One Dice, Two Deece. ….No, wait I did something wrong there.
    (Also, imagine, just for a moment, that they bring Chad Michael Murray back… )

    • One mouse, two mie..? You can’t very well have Lorelai at the Inn without him, no more than you could do it without Sookie. I hope.

      • Shell

        I think a trip to IMDB is in order, my friend.

        • Oh, Tristin? Why would you want him back?

          • Shell


  • Gordon Smoak

    I once watched a podcast where they said one dice and multiple dices. I quit watching