It’s a magical hobby

It’s a magical hobby

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Writer_smallerIt’s a magical hobby

Something a little different this week, to celebrate the fact that we have been making the webcomic for one year now. 52 comics, and I’m very proud to say all have been posted on time. It is of course just our first year, but so far so good.

One year is quite young for a webcomic, and we are still very much finding our feet, even now. Both myself and Aileen dabble in small-press publishing, but Tiny Wooden Pieces is by far the biggest and longest-running project we have been involved in. Putting a comic on the internet as opposed to in print is a hugely different venture, and although Tiny Wooden Pieces has more of an audience than any printed work we have done, it’s more abstracted. If you sell 100 comics at a convention you get to see, talk to, shake hands with or high five every person who buys the book. But you can reach 10 times that many people every week online and never see or know a single person who reads the comic. Google Analytics can tell us where they come from, what time of day they log on, and how long they stay, but these are facts, not feedback.

But over the course of the year, we are slowly beginning to see comments become a regular feature, and Facebook and Twitter allows us some feedback and contact with readers. Knowing people are enjoying the comic, seeing it shared, liked, tweeted and commented on is what allows us to connect to everyone who reads it. And that’s what makes it worthwhile. As anyone who has read more than a handful of these posts will surely know, board games are, first and foremost, a social activity for myself and Aileen. It’s the interaction with friends and other players, the joy of playing with others that brings us back to the table, and so it is hearing from readers, getting to talk to them here, and on social media, that literally keeps bringing us back to the drawing board every week. So whether or not you’ve ever left a comment, tweeted, liked, shared, upvoted or whatever-else it is the kids do these days: thank you. Thank you so much. This isn’t a job for us, and even if we were paid for it, I don’t think it would even be work.

And if you want to help us celebrate, then share the comic with someone you think will like it. And as ever, say hello below in the comments. We would honestly love to hear from you.

Regular comics will resume next week, and later this year we are hoping to make some improvements to the website, and further down the line, we even hope to add some more content. As long as people keep reading, we will try and keep improving the site.

On a final, and entirely coincidental note, I think this also makes a nice comic to mark International Tabletop Day (April 11th) as well. I am working (day job) and Aileen will be busy colouring some pages for a different project, but in the evening we will get to do some gaming. I think we might play Tokaido.

13 Comments on It’s a magical hobby
  • Ben Thorp

    Hello 🙂 Congrats on the anniversary. It’s been great to interact with you in the comments over the last months – I look forward to continuing to do so.

    • Thank you so much Ben! You are one of our very first regular commenters, so thank you so much for the support and the conversation over the past pew months, and we look forward to more.

  • David

    I have been quietly reading each week and enjoying the comics and just wanted to unlurk to say “Congrats on the first anniversary!”

    • Welcome, welcome! Thanks for the comment. Feel free to resume lurking, but please, stay and chat a while if you want. Everyone here likes games, right? Let’s talk games! (if you don’t like games you may be on the wrong site)

  • Ray

    After finding out about TWP from a post on the Dice Tower, I went through all of your past comics in two days, and have become a lifetime fan. Love the work you’ve done, and please keep it going! Thank you both so much.

    • Thank you, thank you so much. As long as people keep reading, and saying nice things, we’ll keep making comics. Glad you’re enjoying them.

      • Same here! Just found you today, but I am already posting you to Hungarian board gaming FB groups (not that they don’t know you already, i think… i was late! :)).

        • I’m certain there are thousands of gamers out there that have never heard of us. Thanks for spreading the word!

  • JK

    Hello.. Congrats on the anniversary 🙂

    • Thank you! And thanks for the comment, welcome to the conversation! We hope you like the company.

  • wr00t

    Congrats 🙂 I didn’t realize at first that a new comic is up every Friday. But now i’m anticipating to see something new on that day every week 🙂

  • Aaron Gannaway

    I got a couple weeks behind on the comic and just now read this one…Congrats! I think I found your comic about a month or so after it first started and have been reading it weekly ever since. You both do a great job and the conversations are fun and enjoyable. I feel compelled to talk about a game right now… 🙂

    I just picked up Kingsport Festival. I am hoping to play it with a friend tonight. I love Kingsburg and from reading the instructions and the reviews it seems as if Kingsport Festival is going to be an improved version of Kingsburg. On top of that my friend and I love playing games with the Lovecraft theme. 🙂