Locked room legacy

Locked room legacy

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Writer_smallerLocked room legacy

The idea for this comic was 100% generated while chatting to Drew and Erin on the Boardroom Podcast a couple of weeks ago. We had a lot of fun recording it, so maybe it’s fun to listen to? I would like to think so. I can’t remember exactly how the idea came up, and I have no desire to listen back to a conversation featuring myself to find out. I mean, I totally think you should listen to it; I just don’t like the idea of listening to myself.

Um, moving on then … Aileen is right regarding locked room mysteries: we have been there before. And of course, we’ve covered our long-running Risk Legacy campaign before as well, here and here.

At the end of next month myself and Aileen will be in the U.S for a week or so, for my little brother’s wedding. This means two things: firstly, there will be a couple of weeks of guest comics, as we are travelling literally the day after Aileen finishes college for the year, not leaving us any time to prepare some buffer comics. We already have the comics lined up, though, and they are looking great. Some of our past contributors will be returning, so you’ll get to see the continuing adventures of Dave and Roselyn, as they get deeper into the hobby.

The second thing this means is that we are looking for recommendations for board game stores and cafes in and around the Boston/Cambridge area. We will have a few days to ourselves after the wedding, and fully intend to spend them buying and playing board games. And also visiting everywhere we possibly can on the detailed food map of the area we will be making. And yes, I guess the time we will be spending making this food map, we technically could be using to make more comics, but priorities, people. C’mon. Food. On that note, food recommendations are also welcome for the area.

19 Comments on Locked room legacy
  • Ben Thorp

    I managed to hold out on Risk Legacy, but I’m teetering on the edge of buying Pandemic Legacy. The question will be whether or not to play with my wife and kids, or my board game group….

    • Oh, now THAT is a tough call to make. And it’s a decision you will have to live with over the course of the entire campaign. How thematically appropriate…

    • xero

      oh thats easy get both versions and play one with the family and one with the group thats the whole reason there are 2 boxes

  • scifantasy

    Panedmonium Books & Games, just off Central Square in Cambridge.

  • Dexter Ó Thuithear

    I heartily recommend bringing a couple of small games with you. Last time we went away, I threw a copy of Star Fluxx into my bag. Between delays and waiting to board/waiting at train stations, it was a stroke of genius.
    On the other hand, I lost 16 straight games, so maybe it was just an alright idea.

    • That’s a really great idea. We’ll have a long flight and a commute on either side of it, so we should figure out what games we have that have a small footprint and high replayability.

      • Dexter Ó Thuithear

        Star Fluxx, Boss Monster, Love Letter, Gloom, and Exploding Kittens are all some of our favourite chuck-in-the-bag games. Easy to set up, engaging, and easy to get others involved with, too (last time I broke out Boss Monster in a pub, randomers wanted to join in). Best of all, most of them can literally fit in your pocket.

        • Of those, we only own Love Letter. But Star Realms is fairly portable, and it’s a bloody great game as well. Come to think of it, we have Epic as well, and have hardly played it. Travel might be a good opportunity for that. Last time we were travelling Citadels got a lot of play, that’s a nice portable size as well.

          • Dexter Ó Thuithear

            I highly recommend the themed versions of Fluxx. Star Fluxx is a favourite in this house, partly for the theme, and partly for the “Surprise” cards, which work as instant castables to do anything from change a keeper, or even deny a win. There’s an official Firefly Fluxx out this week, too. I also seriously recommend Exploding Kittens. It’s gloriously stupid and fun.
            I’ve been meaning to pick up Star Realms, but I have a funny feeling it wouldn’t get a lot of play here…

          • I’ve actually heard very mixed things about Fluxx, it seems to be very divisive. But if there is anything that would tempt me to try it, it’s Firefly…

          • Dexter Ó Thuithear

            Star Fluxx has always been a hit whenever I’ve broken it out. Most of the other variant I’ve played (the vanilla version, especially) have been fairly hit and miss. Monty Python Fluxx is fun if you have a group who can quote Holy Grail from memory, but Star Fluxx is kind of a broad sci-fi theme that almost infringes on every copyright, but not quite. I’m very curious to see how the Firefly one works out.

  • wr00t

    So, finally voices to connect with those characters in the comic! And Colin’s laughter is.. contagious 😀 Actually your webcomic gave me an idea to maybe draw something related to board games 🙂 Of course, i’m not an artist, so nothing spectacular would come up of that 🙂

    • Glad you enjoyed the podcast. I had forgotten how … distinct my laugh is for people not used to it. Contagious is a generous way of putting it 🙂 Glad we’re inspiring you to draw something. Go ahead and do it, and feel free to post it here, or a link to it in the comments when you’re done. Would love to see it.

  • nyphot

    http://knightmovescafe.com/ in Brookline. I’ve never been myself, but my friend has and highly recommends it. AFAIK, it’s the Boston area’s only legit board game cafe at the moment. If you will have a car and are a fan of Gamewright (Forbidden Island/Desert, Sushi Go), they are in Newton and probably would welcome Ireland’s most famous webcomic about board games (but give ’em a heads up first). (Technically I’ve never been there either, but I’ve emailed and they seem friendly.)

    • Board game cafe! Perfect! This is excellent. Hopefully this is near enough to where we will be staying. Browsing their game library on their website there’s quite a few games I’d love to try. Thank you!

      • Jonathan

        Might take you a little bit to get there, but definitely it will be accessible… they are on the Green Line, which is one of Boston’s “subway” lines. Incidentally, I sent you an email as well if you wanted to chat more directly about your visit. I hope Boston treats you well. 🙂

        • We’re terrible at keeping up with email, will find it over the weekend, thank you!

  • Rose the Hedgehog

    You’re coming here, you’re coming here! {more excited than when the president comes to town…. partially because you cause less traffic 😉 }

    Are you staying near Harvard Square or further away? If just near Harvard Square or closer, take Uber or a cab from the airport instead of the subway (if you’re not being picked up).

    What kind of foods do you like? Location and food preferences make it much easier to give suggestions.

    We would love to meet you. We live very close to Pandemonium. However, we also understand if you don’t want to deal with fangirls. 🙂