Love occupies all

Love occupies all

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Writer_smallerLove Letter

Love Letter! It’s been a while. Come to think of it, it’s been a while since we played Love Letter, as well. But like an ex who finds a better looking, more successful partner the day after the break up, Love Letter has been getting on just fine without us. In fact, the little game that could now has six different editions (two of which are forthcoming). Including a Munchkin edition. In fact, it was probably from Munchkin that Love Letter picked up the idea of perennially re-theming for added shelf life – Munchkin now listing 16 different core sets on its website.

But ridiculous as a Munchkin-themed Love Letter might seem (and it does) it’s far from the strangest retheme the game has in store. That honour goes to the upcoming Batman Love Letter. You don’t need to have played Love Letter to understand how odd the pairing of game and theme is. Just read the name. Batman Love Letter. Can you picture it? I sure can, and it took all of my restraint not to make that image this week’s comic. But it felt too cheap, too easy, like shooting batarangs into a barrel. You don’t need to write a joke for it. The joke is already there. Just… well, just look at the title.

In all fairness to AEG Games though, they have tweaked the game to accommodate the theme. Disappointingly, Riddler and the Joker are not vying for Batman’s affections, and no-one is trying to woo him by mail. The aim now appears to be to ‘Capture the inmates of Arkham Asylum’. Fun, but probably a lot less challenging and dangerous than trying to woo an obsessively vengeful and violent man who dresses like a bat. Also, he’s a billionaire so it’s gonna be difficult to impress with him presents.

Joking aside, we do still love the game, and it does deserve all of its success. Love Letter is a perfect gateway game. Light, fun, quick and easy to play and teach – it’s a superb ambassador for the hobby. And if dressing that ambassador up like a bat, Munchkin, or even Hobbit gets the game into the hands of more people, then I hope AEG has plans for many more editions.

In other news, my restraint is not that strong, so you can definitely expect a Batman Love Letter comic in the future.

Oh, and the timing isn’t a coincidence, Happy Valentine’s Day! Or as we like to call it here at Tiny Wooden Towers, ‘Board Games, Beer and Burritos Day’.

4 Comments on Love occupies all
  • Ben Thorp

    Love Letter is one of those games that piqued my interest, but I never ended up getting. I already have The Resistance, (including the Hidden Agendas/Hostile Intent expansion), Coup (including Coup Reformation) and I’ll be getting the Operation F.A.U.S.T. Kickstarter at some point, so I wasn’t sure there was “room” in my collection for another bluffing/hidden role type game.

    • I only recently played Coup, and I really loved it. It only sort of fills the same niche as Love Letter though; Love Letter is much lighter and quicker. I see Coup as Love Letter for gamers, or those who want a bit more crunch to their games. I think I will be picking it up at some point.

  • Stephanie T

    Love Letter never grabbed me the way it seems to have grabbed so many others, although I do like the Letters to Santa variant. However, I’ve had great enjoyment out of the Lost Legacy series, which is a micro game along the same lines but has some better decisions to be made. It’s just slightly more gamer-y, which is enough to make it enjoyable to me and my fellow gamers, but still introductory enough that I can use it as a gateway. It’s completely replaced Love Letter for me.

    • Ah yes, Lost Legacy is a super little game and easy to teach as well. Although I’ll probably continue to switch it up between the two games, largely depending on who’s around to play. Or my own whims.