Me Time

Me Time

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Me Time

We’ve got something very special lined up for next week’s comic. We will be starting a storyline that will probably run for 4-6 weeks, and it will be in a whole new format, too. We’re pretty excited about it, and really hope you will join us next week.

The book Aileen is reading is Susan Cain’s ‘Quiet’. The book’s subtitle is ‘The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking’. You can probably tell by the title whether it’s a book you would enjoy or not. If you think it would be, you should check it out. She also has a TED talk.

Funnily enough, though, neither myself of Aileen are big on solo-gaming. The social aspect of gaming tends to be really important to us. Having said that,  Deep Space D6 is the only solo game we actually own, and honestly, it’s sitting unplayed on the Shelf of Shame. There are plenty of board game implementations I play on my phone, and that counts as solo gaming. Paperback, Onirim, Star Realms (single player). These are games that I have spent countless hours enjoying, so maybe I should look into solo games a bit more. Just because I would prefer to play games socially, doesn’t mean I always have to enjoy them socially. Then again, I already have several solitary hobbies I enjoy – reading, writing, painting miniatures. So maybe I’m good for ‘me’ time right now.

7 Comments on Me Time
  • Shane Moll

    Oh man, DSD6 is just awesome. I got the print and play version here – shamefully I never got around to a retail edition. But the creator has just started shipping the DSD6 Dice system – a bag of 50 (from memory) identical dice from the game, supported by something like 100 games he’s releasing to go with them.

    • We actually only have the print and play as well! It was just easier to demonstrate in the comic that it was a solo game by showing the retail/KS box. I love the design of that box, actually, just like an old sci-fi model. Lovely touch. Would love to have the real version as well. I’m a sucker for custom dice.

      • Shane Moll

        The box takes clear inspiration from the old 80s/90s Choose Your Own Adventure books. I spent soooooo much of my childhood buried in those things! Then I graduated to Final Fantasy and Lone Wolf Adventure Books. And now… Games and RPGs of all sorts!

  • Sarah Reed

    I was very tempted to back the last KS for DSD6, but there was too much competition for my money at the time. I’m hoping to pick it up later. I don’t play solo much either, but sometimes at work I’d like to play a game on my breaks.

    Looking forward to the new storyline and format!

  • Elizabeth

    Take a look at One Deck Dungeon – it is my new solo play obsession. I didn’t think I would play it nearly as much as I have been. (My rogue campaign on veteran level has only one boss left to defeat, but I know that the minotaur is going to be nasty for her.)

  • Dexter Ó Thuithear

    I keep meaning to give the solo play of Mansions of Madness a go, if for no other reason than to actually learn the gameplay before I break it out in a group. I keep forgetting to try it out though, getting distracted by work stuff, Steam games, or lately, painting my Armada squadrons at 3am on my nights off. It’s a glamorous life, nightshift…
    The only other solo game I have is an old copy of Death Angel, which I briefly attempted to play before realising how utterly awfully the rules had been written. It may play well, but the rules are so confusingly written I quickly gave up on it.

  • Daniel Sroka

    My main gaming group is my family. But with the kids hitting their early teens, playing games with their father has taken a back seat to nearly everything else. So I’m always on a look out for rich, story-based solo games. Arkham Horror’s been a great find, but need to find more…!