More Like “Crazy” Garden

More Like “Crazy” Garden

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More Like “Crazy” Garden

The description of Cottage Garden in the above comic is accurate. I have not yet played Cottage Garden. Make of this what you will.

In all seriousness, though, we enjoy Patchwork, so there is no reason we shouldn’t enjoy Cottage Garden. Well, there is one reason, but excepting the mistreatment of dice, I think we would get along fine with the game.

It takes the basic structure of Patchwork, adds some new mechanics, and ups the player count to four. There is also a change of theme, but in both games, the theme is so light as to be relatively unimportant.

In fact, it was the theme of Patchwork that initially kept me from playing it for so long. I would mentally switch off at the mention of it, so uninteresting was the theme to me. So despite the praise it garnered, I never as much as watched a review or playthrough. Eventually, seeing it crop up on so many lists of recommended two player games piqued my interest. Once I had gotten over the theme, the core mechanic (Tetris, after a fashion) is actually really cool, and something I hadn’t come across in a game before – although I gather Uwe Rosenberg has also incorporated this into ‘A Feast for Odin’ as well as ‘Cottage Garden’.


International Tabletop Day is tomorrow! What’s everyone doing? I’m going to be helping out in Tabletop Cork, teaching people games and running a game of Fiasco. Fiasco doesn’t technically need a GM, but the event is designed for RPG beginners, so I will be facilitating.

Whatever you are doing (and I hope you are doing something), you should check out these awesome printable badges/stickers that the amazing folks over at Semi Coop have designed. There is a full range of achievements/accusations to pin on your friends throughout the day, and the design is just gorgeous. The guys at Tabletop Cork have a full range printed and ready to go, including this, ahem, particularly awesome ‘mentioned a board game webcomic’ badge. Wear it with pride!

10 Comments on More Like “Crazy” Garden
  • Chris Smith

    It’ll be okay *soothes*. Just think of it as a soulless euro-cube and everything will be better.

    • Hee hee, ‘soulless euro-cube’ – I can’t tell you how much I love that description. You win ‘comment of the month’, which I just made up, but don’t let that take from your achievement.

  • Snarkastic Android

    Please let it be a dice than spins up (so you only need to move it once, as opposed to a proper balanced dice where opposing faces add up to the same value)

    • That’s a good question! I don’t actually know the answer to that, but am now curious. I had just presumed it was a ‘regular’ dice.

  • wr00t

    It’s so rainy here, so i’ll be staying home and only play some games online. Having a die for turn count also looks confusing, though i can live with dice used for life count (Shadows over Camelot) as ir fluctuates a lot. But tokens woukd have worked also.

    • Playing games online counts too! Didn’t realise Shadows used dice for that, but that does remind me that it is a game I really want to play, and there is a copy in Tabletop now. Potential Saturday idea!

    • Got to play Shadows, and was delighted to find that while the D6s are mostly static, you DO get to roll the D8 to fight the siege engines.

  • Dexter Ó Thuithear

    Most of what I do in X-wing list building these days is based on finding ways to just get the dice result I want, rather than even bother rolling it. In fact, if I can cause damage without rolling a dice, I’m a very happy man (Yay Feedback Array!). The dice have burned me so very often, that I have glorious dreams about destroying them.

    • I’ve heard that talked about quite a lot on X-Wing podcasts. Luck is a factor in X-Wing, but building a list to mitigate luck as a factor can really improve the reliability of a list.
      Bombs bombs bombs!

      • Dexter Ó Thuithear

        It’s both an interesting part and an unfortunate necessity. It also essentially excludes quite a few ships, pilots, and upgrades as a result. Metas ebb and flow, but the outright need to remove unreliable dice as a factor looks like it’s here to stay.