Panda-emic 3!

Panda-emic 3!

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The Continuing Adventures of Panda

This week is part three of the adventures of poor lil’ panda. If you missed out, you can catch up with parts one and two.

That Carcassonne ‘lying down in the field’ joke is about as well worn as wood-for-sheep. We avoided it for years, but honestly, napping just felt like a very ‘panda’ thing to do. Next to eating bamboo, it’s his favourite activity. There are still a couple more weeks left in his adventures, so if you want to see how he takes to life as a farmer, tune in next week.

As I write this, I am flicking between tabs (of the several hundred I have open) and working on my first campaign for D&D. I ran a game for friends last night that went reasonably well (no-one fell asleep, the table went unflipped, and people are willing to play again) and so I am now working up something that can run over a few nights. I could, of course, pull from a great number of pre-written adventures, but there is a great appeal for me in world-building, and the construction of a living, breathing, story that can be interacted with.

For playing on an ongoing basis, we will need to use, which I hear works quite well. If anyone has any experience using the system, I’d love to hear about it. Or any good alternatives for playing D&D online, if such apps exist?

8 Comments on Panda-emic 3!
  • Emily

    I’ve not used any online RPing systems, my RP group being conveniently local. But I’ve seen videos of Eran & Aviv from U24P using roll20 and it appears to work quite well.

    Glad your game ran well. Of course sometimes it’s fun when someone gets in a table flipping mood… Well, my friends would find it hilarious anyway.

    • Thanks Emily! It is unfortunate that the players don’t live locally – maybe I should look into a local game as well. In the meantime, I’ll begin testing roll20 and figuring out how to use it

      and also maybe working in some table-flipping moments into the game? I can always just blame you …

      • Emily

        Happy to take the blame for angry people. (… you don’t have any Aussies in your group, right?)
        I mean, our group is the kind that that is equally happy telling stories about the time we ended up acquiring a space ship for each of our characters, as we are about the time the campaign ended with us getting sucked into a rip in space/time…

        But not everyone is like that I’ve been told.

  • Robert Fiorentino

    I wasn’t sure about this format at first but I’m loving it now!

  • wr00t

    That’s the best rule of Carcassonne 😛 i always go for the farms 😀