Panda-emic 5!

Panda-emic 5!

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Fond Farewells

Today is a sad day for Tiny Wooden Pieces. Not only do we say goodbye to our friend Panda, but we are also announcing the end of Tiny Wooden Pieces. We are both truly very sorry to announce that next week will be our final comic. For over three years now we have enjoyed sharing this comic with you, but unfortunately, we have to now call it a day.

There are several reasons for this, but most of all, it is simply a matter of time. Or rather, time pressure. We both love making comics, and that is something we are both going to continue to do. But we no longer feel we are producing our best work on a weekly schedule. This is something we have been considering for a long time, and have talked at length about. As much as we love the comic, we do not want to continue with something that we feel we are not giving our best work to. Our next comic project will be something that we can spend a lot of time on before even announcing, let alone releasing.

More than even making our beloved comic (beloved to us, at least), we are going to miss the wonderful community that has been part of this site. What we will miss the most are the friendly, fun, funny, and inspiring comments from many people we now consider friends, even if we have never met you.

We will keep the website up, and maybe one day we will once again do something related to board games. I have been thinking about doing reviews, or something similar, and maybe this site is the place to host that. In the meantime, if anyone wants to send me board games for review as part of another site/project I would be fine with that ๐Ÿ™‚

We will definitely keep our twitter and instagrams up. While there might not be much activity on them, at least we can still feel connected to the wonderful community of board gamers out there, that we are proud to call our friends.

We will return next week for one final comic, and I hope you will all join us then, one last time.

46 Comments on Panda-emic 5!
  • Spyros T Koronis

    I can’t say I was expecting that announcement. I enjoyed reading your comic a lot. All I can say is thank you for all the entertainment you’ve given us all this time, and best of luck with your next project.

  • riemy

    I will really miss you! Thanks for all the funny and happy moments you brought to us!

    • Thank you very much! Happy to hear we brought you some fun and happiness. It’s that that makes it all worthwhile.

  • Ben

    This sucks. I love this comic and I wish you luck in your next venture

  • Jesse Diego Perez

    Wow, shocker! Your writing and Aileen’s art will truly be missed. I too feel like I’ve gotten to know you as friends I’ve yet to meet. If you ever find yourselves in or near Seattle, Washington, hit me up for some gaming. Good thing I have a terrible memory so I can continue to go back and read the archives over and over again. Good luck on all of your next adventure.

    • Thank you so much, Jesse, and thank you for all the comments you leave, and for being part of our community. And yes, if we ever are in Washington, we will be sure to look you up!

  • JK

    Sad to hear that. Please make sure you announce your next projects through TWP.

    • We will! We will try and keep all of our social media active so if anyone is interested in what we do next, they can find out.

  • Ben Thorp


  • Emily

    What? NO! You can’t leave me… uh, us.

    I need my weekly fix of Tiny Wooden Pieces, a great comic mixed with interesting commentary.
    You must keep us up to date with all of your future projects so that we can stalk… *cough* support you.
    You’re not going to make me use ‘The Twitter’ are you?
    Going to miss you guys :'(

    • It would be absolutely wonderful if some of our readers followed us over into our next project (although honestly, that could be as much as a year away) so we will do our best to keep people up-to-date through our social media. And yeah, that probably means Twitter …
      And it goes without saying that we will miss you, Emily! It was the people who commented, and that we got to chat to every week that was the highlight for us.

      • Emily

        I shall eagerly await future projects.

        And if you ever find yourself in Australia (you know, in case of random wormhole accidents or international kidnapping), come say hi!

  • Paul Gillibrand

    Thanks for all the great comics over the past few years. I’ll really miss them!


    • Gah! Sorry … We are so very, very said to be finishing up. There have been actual tears in our home-office as we work on the final comic …

      • Well… good luck, whatever you will be doing, and thanks for the fun times! And who knows, maybe you will revisit comic-making again for a special occasion or two, out of the boundaries of weekly deadlines… ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Snarkastic Android

    Sorry to see you go, but I’ll always respect an artist’s decision to stop doing something if they want to move on, rather than keeping something going that they’re not fully invested in. Better that it ends on a high note, rather than in decline. It’s a bit sad for me though (if I’m being selfish) – I used to have three cardboard comics to read weekly, and now only Semi-Coop is left.

    • I know, right! Only Semi Co-op left now. Maybe someone else can step in and start something new?

  • Ken Franklin

    Thank you for all the love. ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • David

    A big sad shock, but many thanks for the wonderful comics you have given us all. I will look out for the next thing yo guys do.

    Also thanks for pointing me to other gaming comics which I now also read.

    At least there is still one more to come…then back to the beginning to read them all again!

    • Thank you so much! We are terribly sad about the end of TWP, but there is a part of us that is also excited about what will be coming next for us, and I hope you will enjoy that, too.

  • Nicole H

    Aw! Sorry to see you go. It’s been so great.

  • Sarah Reed

    Aw, this makes me sad. ๐Ÿ™ The end of panda’s journey and the end of TWP (for now). I am truly grateful for the entertainment you have provided for the last few years. I have truly enjoyed your comic and getting to know you two. I look forward to what you’ll do next and hope we can stay in contact via Twitter.

    • Thank you Sarah! Getting to know you has been a wonderful gift of the comic, and you can bet we will be staying in touch!

  • Sven_the_Berzerker

    I’m so sad to hear this, but completely understand about time limitations. (Some year I’ll make time to write my “Shiny Happy People” parody, “Tiny Wooden People”). I’ll miss this weekly dose of fun humor, and will have to make a run through the archives. Best of luck in everything you do!

    (Wondering if your favorite victim is going to die one last time in next week’s strip…)

    • Oh no! We forgot about Gary! We are half way through making the final comic already and Gary is not in it. It’s been ages since we killed Gary! Dammit! Maybe we can include a final ‘post-credits’ panel on our twitter feed …
      P.S. If you don’t ever get around to making that parody we will be very upset with you ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Jonathan

    As so many have said, your comics will be missed, but I totally understand that sometimes these decisions need to be made. Best wishes wherever your next endeavor takes you!

    And do drop a line if you ever find yourself in the Boston area again!

  • wr00t

    Sad to hear. But i know that time constraints and pressure can kill the joy of doing something. So it is probably for the best. Oh, and you were inspiring me to do something similar. Although i still never got to doing it ๐Ÿ˜€ Good luck with your new ventures ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Thank you, and thank you for all the comments throughout the years! And whatever it is you were/are thinking of doing, you should still do it!!!

  • Joe Griffin

    Awww this is going to be missed, thanks for all the great work Colin and Aileen and thanks for letting me chip in on occasion. My own interest in board games coincided with the start of TWP and I loved reading it every Friday.

  • Rose the Hedgehog

    NOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooo…… Okay, deep breaths, deep breaths, deep breaths….

    I fully understand time issues and decisions that need to be made for the better of self. And I fully support you two taking care of yourself. But I (and my wife) are really bummed by this news. Your comic was definitely a happy part of my Saturday morning routine.

    • Aw, thanks for saying so, Rose. And thank you so much for being such an active member of our community for so long. We will miss you. But we can also totally stay in touch through twittering etc!

  • Eliott Anderson

    I will be sad to see this comic go, as it’s one of the few I would check every update, but all good things… Best to your in your future endeavors, and may we see you again in the not too distant future.

    • Thanks Eliott! It’s lovely to hear from people who enjoyed the comic, it really is. Hopefully you will enjoy whatever it is we get up to next as well

  • Rabid Rogue

    Sad to see you go but thanks for everything you’ve done!

  • Aberis

    Will be sad to see this go … thanks for all the free funnies and I look forward to seeing your next project.

  • Meitreya Mayako

    Always a favorite. Enjoy your new path!