Postman (s)Pat

Postman (s)Pat

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Haven’t backed Scythe yet. But our postman did recently refer to us as what’s ‘keeping him in business’. We do have a friend in our main gaming group who’s hovering around the idea of backing Scythe. Hoping he takes the plunge so we don’t have to. Getting too close to Christmas to be dropping that amount of money on a game, regardless of how good it looks. But damn if it doesn’t look good. And the game play seems to be an arresting mix of Euro engine building and civ building, with some good ol’ fashioned aggressive area control with some smashy mechs in the mix. What seems like too many elements supposedly blends quite well though, although I’ve yet to see a comprehensive review from a site I really trust.

Doesn’t mean I want it any less.

Right then, with that out of the way, here’s the big question, and no, it’s not too early to ask it: What’s everyone getting for Christmas? I mean, what’s the big deal, the one game that’s top of the list, must have, want want want, can’t wait for Christmas type deal? We might be trying to decide on some present ideas here at Tiny Wooden Towers.

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  • Ben Thorp

    I’m still waiting on my delivery of Thunderbirds, which is really my big Christmas game. (Also waiting on Operation F.A.U.S.T. which is late) 🙁

    *Very* tempted by Pandemic Legacy. Also fancy Star Realms: Colony Wars. And Firefly Fluxx.

    • Our Thunderbirds came, and I think the expansions are due pre-Christmas as well? Enjoy Star Realms immensely, but still haven’t properly sunk our teeth into Epic, so might hold off on Colony Wars. I guess more and more it’s looking like a Legacy Christmas…

  • frederick123

    Didn’t know about the Scyte, thanks a lot, damn it. I need to read some more about it, to prevent myself from spending without thinking, but it looks great.

    For Christmas, I’m thinking about Imperial assault, or Mice and Mystics. Pandemic: Legacy will be instant buy, so I am not putting it on the list 🙂

    • Right now, our most likely pick is certainly Pandemic Legacy, despite still having an unfinished Risk Legacy campaign hanging over us…

  • Daniel Newman

    I love what Stonemeier games does and Euphoria is one of my top 5 favorite games, but I just am not that excited about Scythe. It looks way too involved and the price point is higher than I feel comfortable spending on a game that I know won’t see much table time with the folks I currently play with. It looks beautiful, no doubt, but I don’t really understand all the hype around it.

    • Actually never played any Stonemaier games, so far. No doubt Scythe is one for occasional play when the right people can be gathered. As rare as that might be, I love that type of game.

  • Christopher Patrignani

    Found this comic off a recommendation on GeekDad. Love the humor here. A few of the panels had me rolling because I’ve 100% been in those situations (Drinking Game of Thrones, Dead of Winter is Coming, and many more).

    Going to be another Kickstarter Christmas. I’ll give the wife print outs of Scythe and Arcadia Quest Inferno and tell her to wrap them for me. 😛

    • Arcadia Quest looks like a lot of fun, but I think Imperial Assault will trump it for us.
      Delighted you’re enoying the comic, and thanks for joining the conversation, we love hearing from people.

  • Damian White

    Pulled the trigger on Scythe. Shipping to New Zealand is probably as bad as it is to Ireland — and that’s without our import tax duty rates rising early next year — but … but … but pre-Depression era mechs and gun-toting Norsemen riding giant muskoxen!

    The game looks so damn good. And let’s not forget Stonemaier Game’s money-back guarantee … don’t like the game? They’ll refund your money. And pay for you to ship the game back to them.

    Enjoying the comic-thingy. Put me down as another who recently stumbled across it via a link somewhere (GeekDad?) and then proceeded to blip-read your entire archive over one’s morning coffee at work.