Shia LaBoeuf

Shia LaBoeuf

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Next to Aileen, Kevin Keane is probably the artist I have collaborated with the most. He is a pleasure to work with, and and puts everything into every page he does. I think you can see that here, and in the rest of his work, which you can find here:

or here:

and on twitter here:



Colouring this week is by Joe Griffin, who is an excellent colourist, letterer and artist. In fact, when guest comics roll around again (fingers crossed for that holiday in 2016) I’d love to get him to illustrate a comic himself. He has a great style of his own that I think would be well suited to our site. You can find Joe’s work here:

Finally, writing this week was shared between myself and Wayne Kennedy. I work with Wayne (in real life, not in comics) and I game with him regularly as well. In fact, I’ve stolen so many jokes and ideas from playing games with him that a credit in the comic was long overdue anyway…

This week’s comic is based on actual events. Actually, not just based on, more it’s a faithful retelling of the last time we played Ghost Stories. I’m still loving that game, and it’s still mostly kicking our asses, which endears it to me all the more, to be honest. I love the challenge of it, and every loss makes me more eager to master it. And one thing I have learned, is that mastering it does not involve spending the game chatting about trailers and inane videos we saw on the internet.

Who knew?


6 Comments on Shia LaBoeuf
  • Daniel Newman

    it bums me out that the games on the table are not the games in the captions.

    • That would be my script, I switched some of it up at the last minute. It’s also a really, really, tiny detail in what is maybe the most impressive artwork we’ve ever featured on the site. The artwork does an amazing job of character, humour, storytelling and detail in just a few panels, and I think does everything it needs to do to tell the story perfectly.

      • Daniel Newman

        oh, for sure.

  • wr00t

    Interesting design (and the script too), like an upside down pyramid with a culminating frame being the biggest. In our group we sometimes chat about outside topics, but not so much. As we game so rarely, so usually we are involved. Unless someone drinks too much 😀

    • Thanks, I was delighted when Kevin used a layout that was different to the one we usually have. Great to have a different feel to the comics while we have guest creators.
      When too much drink is had then the gaming table is always a very, very different place. I know the feeling 🙂

  • I love this one.