Spooky Halloween Special

Spooky Halloween Special

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Writer_smallerWe had a great pick up in site views last week, thanks to a mention from Stonemaier games on the Scythe Kickstarter page, and some love from the Geekdad website too. Thanks guys! And if you’re new to the site, welcome aboard! Do say hello in the comments below, after I’m doing jumping semi-coherently from one topic to the next.

Many, many years ago, I used to love a show called 2 Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place. What should have been a standard, run-rate sitcom was elevated by several factors: its goofy, oddball sense of humour, Ryan Reynolds in a leading role, and also Nathan Fillion’s first major TV appearance. But other than being hilarious and seeding some serious man-crushes, every year for Halloween it threw the sitcom template out the window and did crazy specials that involved axe-murdering doppelgängers, mad scientists and body swaps. The very next week things would return to normal, and no-one would ever mention the laboratory they found in the basement or the body count. I loved those Halloween specials, and want to make it a Tiny Wooden Pieces tradition. To have a little fun and maybe even indulge in a little axe-murdering. ‘Tis the season, after all.

We also did a horror-themed comic last year, based on Arkham Horror. It’s a two-parter, and It starts here, and you can find our Elder Sign comic here. And if you’re the kind of monster whose lust for blood and terror isn’t satiated by all those comics, we also covered Dead of Winter here and here.

11 Comments on Spooky Halloween Special
  • Jesse Diego Perez

    I was one of the many who saw the mention on GeekDad. I love this site so much. This is my life (if my wife were the gamer instead of just me and my two sons, 10 and 11). I’ve added so many games to my wishlists after reading every comic on here in less than 24 hours. (My work productivity can finally return to normal now that I’m done… Don’t tell my boss.) The Acquisition disorder is my favorite because it’s so true. I currently have about 10 brand new games that have yet to hit the table including Pandemic, Castles of Mad King Ludwig, Carcassonne, 4-5 deck builders, and Epic Card Game. Thank you so much for this web comic you guys do. I know I’ll be looking forward to this every Friday. Loving it.

    • Thank you so much, Jesse! Comments like this are honestly what keeps us going and making the comic. We love hearing from people who enjoy what we are doing here, so thank you for taking the time to comment. Acquisition Disorder is also Aileen’s favourite comic, but I think that has more to do with getting to draw me falling over than anything else. She had way too much fun making that one…

  • Daniel Newman

    I too loved Two Guys a Girl and a Pizza Place! Surprisingly fun show!

    • Hooray! I’ve actually been re-watching it on DVD, and it (mostly) holds up surprisingly well, which I was delighted with. I remembered it being so good, but hadn’t seen it in so long that I wasn’t sure if it would hold up at all.

  • David

    He should have suspected something as soon as you proposed Werewolf with 3 players.
    “We had no idea you were the werewolf” indeed!

  • wr00t

    I remember reading that Arkham Horror comic last year. Wow, already a year has passed 🙂

    • I know, right? Hard to believe we’re closing in on 100 comics!

      • wr00t

        Oh, what;s the number currently? Anything special for the 100th planned? No pressure :)))))

        • This week was comic no. 81. For no. 100 we are thinking we might finally melt under the pressure of doing a weekly comic 🙂 No idea yet, but hopefully we can manage something special alright…

  • Hi Colin! Still love your columns, just commenting because I wanted to tell you: for some reason, I have remembered that new comics of yours are coming each Thursday (instead of Friday), and since I am too impatient, I’m already here every Wednesday… 😀 Keep making it guys! There is so much similarity in how MY wife reacts to my crazy decisions down the Unwarrantable Boardgame Addict(R) route… 🙂