Summertime! (blues)

Summertime! (blues)

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Summertime blues

11 Comments on Summertime! (blues)
  • Emily

    The closest we get to outdoor gaming is when we play Werewolf and have too many people to fit inside.

    • That’s exactly the kind of game I think would be fun, and suited! I’m sure the reality would be …rainier, but it sure SEEMS like that would fun?

      • Emily

        We have yet to be rained out (although in Geelong, Australia it is always a possibility). At least if it does rain all you have to do is grab your one character card and run. Quick and easy!

  • Z-dude

    Or just play Hive. Water-proof, wind-proof, animal-proof…

    • Ooh, I’ve always wanted to get Hive. I went through a period of playing it quite a bit on the tablet, and does have those lovely, heavy, chunky pieces. Good thinking!

  • Stephen M. Schaefer

    That’s the mantra in Columbus, Ohio, as well. If you don’t like the weather, just wait ten minutes.

  • wr00t

    I have yet to play outdoor at least once. I remember someone brought his Jenga game to the trip to the lake. But everyone was just lazy laying in the sun, and when it is hot, you can’t really concentrate on gaming. So, mostly it is just one or two plays of some simple game with a regular deck of cards.

    • The only gaming I have ever Actually managed to do outdoors was in a beer garden. Similarly, that has its own distractions…

  • masuabie

    If you have played Hanabi, there is a wooden tile version that would be great for outdoor play.