Taxation tyranny

Taxation tyranny

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Writer_smallerGuest comic 1: Taxation tyranny

Joe Griffin has featured before as a guest creator, colouring this, and also this, comic. This time, he’s writing, drawing, colouring and lettering the comic. It’s polymath multi-talented guys like him that put guys like me to shame. Thanks Joe, you’re a real pal. Seriously though, Joe’s work is getting better and better all the time, and I was delighted he was able to do more than colour this time around.

For more of his work, check out and like/heart his hip social medias:

The Great Dalmuti is a game I have never actually played. I have heard good things, though, and I’m sure it’s been recommended in the comments here at some point. It was interesting to see a comic done about a game I was not familiar with, but I think Joe does a good job of giving enough information to make it work with or without knowledge of the game itself.

As we’ve been mentioning for the past few weeks, we are currently on holiday in Boston We will be hanging out at Knight Moves board game cafe in Brookline. So if you are around, come meet us! We will be there all evening on Tuesday the 3rd of May. We should be there around 7 or 8PM (we will confirm the time here and on Twitter) and we intend on staying until close (11PM) Directions and details can be found here, if you are going to come along, do let us know in the comments or Twitter.

5 Comments on Taxation tyranny
  • Ben Thorp

    Missing you already….

  • Jesse Diego Perez

    Oh man, was this a fun game back in college. I recently dug out my old copy and have been playing this one with my family and friends. My boys get a kick out of calling me a lesser peon. I’m not there too often though as this is one game they haven’t quite figured out how to consistently beat dear old dad as I often make it to the Greater Dalmuti seat and stay there. Hope you guys enjoy your Boston adventures.

    • Thanks Jesse! We havr already added a copy of Codenames to our collection, so that’s a good start to the holiday.

  • Joe Griffin

    Joe here. I did that yoke above. Thanks to Colin and Aileen for trusting me with their baby this week!

    Board games are a big part of my workday lunch – I work with a team of Software Engineers and I wish I could say I was their equal but, in truth it’s like playing against four super computers. Taking the mickey out of them in comic strip form is the only recourse open to me.

    We’ve had some new games over the last few weeks – Sheriff and Coup, they are both fantastic, simple but nuanced. The Great Dalimuti though, will always have a special place in my heart.