The ties that bind

The ties that bind

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Writer_smallerThe ties that bind

We do our best to shop local and support local. We have two small hobby stores in our area. Not complete gaming stores, but they do stock a range, and there are a couple of Irish webstores as well. Everything we can buy local, we do, and I’m glad to have local stores, and understand that supporting them means it’s more likely they will stock more games and in turn support the community in future. I have no interest in competitive play, but at the same time, I would love to see tournaments and organised play happen near us.

It is hard not to see the price difference between here and America, and not feel put out, though. I understand it’s a matter of economics: volume, shipping etc. Doesn’t mean it isn’t a bitter pill. In order to be a better brother and not hurt his luggage allowance, we got Damien to carry over a selection of smaller items: boosters, dice, small card games, Data Packs. All the shiny, unnecessary, wonderful, nonsensical bits, that are of course must-buys for the discerning gamer. Buying it all over here would have been €94. It cost Damien, who lives in America, €63 (after exchange) to get it all. That’s a big difference for just a few small items, so we take advantage while we can.

That doesn’t mean I don’t love my brother. I mean, I can love him AND take advantage of him, can’t I?

5 Comments on The ties that bind
  • wr00t

    If not for this, why do we need those bonds anyway? 😀 I usually buy games in the local stores (or local web stores) as i don’t really want to mess with ordering games from abroad, mail and all that stuff. But i would probably use this occasionally if i had a relative or a friend in US 🙂

    • You’re right! What else are family for! That and birthday presents, obviously. *hint hint* Any family reading this?

  • gatsby

    I have friends that spent sometime living in the states prior to moving back to Ireland. Buying from the US sites and free shipping to them where they could package into a single package and send to us in Cork was so handy. Even with customstax it saved us a lot and was particularly helpful for games that were difficult to get this side of the pond.

    • Hello apparent fellow Corkonian! Might look into that, gettting things bundled into a package and shipped. So many games to buy, so little money…

  • xero42

    you should buy a bunch of the rory story cubes mix sets 2 and 3 to send him back with they are a BITCH to get in the US and he would more then make that 63 eu back and neither gamewrite (the us seller) or rory will make a formal statement about them i’ve asked MANY times