They’re really just guidelines

They’re really just guidelines

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Writer_smallerGuest comic 2: They’re really just guidelines

This week, we’re delighted to have another guest comic from the incredible combination of Hayley Mulcahy and Dave McNally. Both previously worked on this comic, but this time Hayley not only provides art, but colouring as well. And what an incredible job she’s done, on both art and colouring. The strip just jumps off the page, and every panel is packed with character and humour. I hope you all love it as much as I do. And if you do, say hello in the comments, and check out more of Hayley’s work online:

twitter @HayleyMulch

You won’t find Dave online because he’s a ghost wrapped in a shadow who pilots an invisible jet, but if you like the comic you can say nice things to him in the comments.

The comic features Dave and his wife Roselyn, as they continue their board gaming adventures, previously seen here and here. At this point, I have to say that I’m a big fan of our guest comics featuring recurring characters. It gives a nice continuity, even while myself and Aileen are handing off our workload to friends and people we have blackmail material on. I think it makes the transition from regular weeks to guest weeks a lot better.

Myself and Aileen will be back next week, and if all went well on our holiday, we will have spent every penny we had saved on board games, so should be sitting on a pile of new material for both board game nights and comics. See you all again soon!

7 Comments on They’re really just guidelines
  • Nice comic, but really very hard to read… Or is the picture size smaller on my computer? Both the older comics you have linked are readable.

    • Dave McNally

      I think it looks a bit grainy too but I was reading it via iPhone. Maybe we have a resolution problem. Hopefully Colin can fix it from the far side of the world.

    • Back home now, and looking at it on my laptop it is too low res. Gonna try and get that fixed, thanks for noting.

  • HayleyMulch

    Yay, thanks for posting a higher res! And thanks again for letting me draw this one. It was great fun, especially getting to draw a helpless Cthulu! I really hope Dave and Roselyn made it out safe.

  • Rose the Hedgehog

    Great comic. I haven’t played Elder Sign, but I still recognize the rules situation. 🙂

    Glad you made it home okay. Thanks for setting up the time at Knight Moves. We were really excited to meet you both.

    • I think that’s a fairly universal rules issues. The game is either way too hard to way too easy so you check the rules and get that sinking feeling…
      Also, thanks so much for coming out! We had a genuinely great time, and were delighted to meet you both. And thanks for teaching us Concept. Great choice.