Trauma in Aisle Five

Trauma in Aisle Five

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It’s probably obvious, but in case you were wondering: no, we don’t have kids. Nor are we generally allowed unsupervised access to any, so you needn’t worry, and you can stop googling ‘Irish Social Services’.

In my post in last week’s comic, I talked about how I had heard very mixed things about Mansions of Madness 2nd Edition, to the extent that I had no intention of getting the game. However, after hearing from a number of readers in the comments, I have actually changed my mind on it. I had asked if anyone had first-hand experience with the game, and what their impressions were, and the response was overwhelmingly positive – you guys really made it sound like my kind of game. So, for anyone who has ever complained that reading the comic/blog posts has ever cost them money due to games subsequently purchased, you can have the satisfaction of revenge: Mansions of Madness is a fairly pricey game, but I think I’m going to need to buy it now. Thanks guys.

In actual fact, modern board games have not yet made their way into mass market toy stores over here. It’s something we hear is happening in other countries, but Ireland can be slow to catch up sometimes.

9 Comments on Trauma in Aisle Five
  • Tor Iver Wilhelmsen

    Many non-vanilla Risk versions do include options for more advanced play, thus containing the possibility of “gateway light”… maybe not Transformers, though; but maybe 2210, Legacy, Starcraft, LotR …

    • Yeah, I tend to pick on Risk and Monopoly, but in fairness, Legacy is fantastic, and I’ve heard great things about Star Wars as well.

  • Dexter Ó Thuithear

    To be fair, Smyth’s Toys are trying. They have Catan and (I think, working from memory) Ticket to Ride in there now. They also have Scotland Yard, which is actually the very first board game I found properly intriguing as a kid (not sure how well it holds up now, but the mechanic was very similar to the one used by the bioterrorist in the expansion for Pandemic).
    As the old Irish Rail ad says, “we’re not there yet, but we’re getting there”.

    • Oh, that’s actually great, I had checked recently, and didn’t see anything, but maybe this Christmas things will be better.

  • Daniel Sroka

    The Barnes & Noble bookstore chain in the US actually has an impressive game section; they even stocked Cheapass Games’ Kill Doctor Lucky!

    • We bought some games in B&N while we were in the States. An actual impressive selection!

    • Scott Bowen

      I actually picked up my copy of T.I.M.E Stories from B&N as they had it for cheaper than even Amazon at the time!

  • Rabid Rogue

    Hey kid, talk to me when they have Transformers Diplomacy.

    • Aw man, I can’t even imagine, except it would be amazing/hilarious.