Wizards ‘n Zombies II

Wizards ‘n Zombies II

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Wizards ‘n Zombies Part 2

This week’s comic is a continuation of the story begun here in last week’s comic. We are playing Fantasy Flight Games’ ‘End of the World’ RPG series. As I alluded to in last week’s blog post, the USP of this RPG is that the character you play is based on yourself. In fact, it’s more than just ‘based on’. The character you play is yourself.

You can find a complete (and very interesting) article on character creation here but, briefly; there are three categories: physical, mental, and social. Each of these categories has two different stats: physical, for example, has dexterity and vitality. Working from a limited number of points, you assign values to each of these stats. Then, the group you are playing with votes on whether to adjust these, i.e. they decide that no, you aren’t an Olympic level athlete and reduce your vitality to a reasonable number.

Even more fun is then introducing a unique characteristic in each of the three categories. What this will be is up to you. Short-sighted, grumpy, tire easily, great sense of direction, martial arts.

The only thing that then remains to decide is what gear or equipment all of your characters have. As the game begins with everyone sitting around a table at their current location, your items are easy: what is currently in your pockets?

Of course, this kind of character creation is absolutely not going to be for everyone. Typically, roleplaying is about creating a character from imagination. It’s about playing a role, after all, and this is exactly the opposite of that. It’s an exciting, funny, and fun prospect for me, but I understand it won’t be everyone’s cup of tea.

The system does allow you to just create a character from your imagination if you choose, but if you want to do that, there are probably 100s of other RPGs to better suit your taste. In the coming years, I hope to explore more than a few of those RPGs myself.

11 Comments on Wizards ‘n Zombies II
  • Emily

    Sounds interesting. I have played a few different RP systems and I don’t think I have a favourite kind. I’m not always great at making characters from my imagination so this system would be interesting. I’ve yet to meet a system that I hated; The closest I’ve gotten to disliking one would probably be Gamma World as it’s too random for me, and the items too transitory.
    (I had to scroll back through quite a bit of our RP planning group to remember what that system was called. Ah, the memories… I miss my Cabbit).

    • I had to google what a ‘cabbit’ was, and obviously then I lost about 20 minutes in that rabbit hole (ha! *rabbit* hole!)
      I think what we will be trying next is 10 Candles, which is an amazing sounding one night horror RPG. Very excited about that, and then probably our first ‘campaign’ true and proper will be Pathfinder or D’nD. I have the Pathfinder starter set, and a friend has the D’nD set, so whoever gets up and running first, I guess. I’m really excited to try a proper ongoing campaign.

      • Emily

        I prefer campaigns over one-shots. I guess they’re fun occasionally, but if I go to all the trouble of building a character I want them to last. It’s more fun to get together regularly and develop the characters & story.
        I built the Cabbit in OVA, which is a system that will let you make pretty much any kind of character you want. In that campaign we had a Cabbit, a Spy/Agent, a Professional Wrestler (with a cooking theme), a Demon Summoner with a split personality and a Magical Girl (who was a grown woman in her un-transformed state). She was also really powerful because the guy who made her is too damn good at making characters.

  • Jonathan

    If anyone wants to check out what a playthrough of this game might look like, http://www.plaidhatgames.com/podcast/222 features the staff of Plaid Hat Games trying to survive the End of the World.

    Hope you survived!

    • Oh cool, I think I’ll give that a listen. I haven’t ever actually listed to the Plaid Hat podcast, but I have been looking for some new board game podcasts. I have dropped some that were previously on my regular rotation, and they need replacing.

  • Sarah Reed

    Glad you had fun! I can definitely tell this would not be the system for me, but then again, it starts with zombies, which is already a turn off. But I definitely play RPGs to play a character different than myself. Hope you get a chance to play some other systems soon. I totally want to play Fate or Fate Accelerated, as I own both, but just haven’t had the time or peeps to get together. I’m also anxiously awaiting the Dresden Files Fate books, which will be awesome!! I love Dresden Files. Having a blast with the cooperative card game right now.

    • Dresden Files is never a franchise I have had any exposure to. I must pick up one of the books at some point, or try the card game, see what I think. I’m pretty sure it would be my kind of thing.

      • Sarah Reed

        Please try a book first. It will make the card game much more enjoyable, though I have heard of some people enjoy it without any knowledge of the books. I highly recommend the series. Check it out from the library if you don’t want to buy it, or buy it used if you can find it. It’s one of my favorite book series of all time!

        • There are few things I love more than browsing second hand bookshops/charity shops, so I will definitely keep an eye out for one of the books. Theme means to much to me that I am sure I would enjoy the games a lot more if I knew the background.

  • wr00t

    Playing as yourself sounds.. intriguing and uneasy at the same time. People usually tend to run away from themselves in the magical place of playing games 🙂

    • That’s exactly it, yeah! But I definitely welcome the chance to try something different, as well. Even if that something different is playing as myself, which is sort of not different ..?