Let’s Go Exploring

Let’s Go Exploring

Thank you to every one of our readers, who made every moment of this worthwhile.

Thank you to our guest contributors, who allowed us to take breaks, and ensured we came back reinvigorated, by creating comics so good we felt we had to up our own game.

Thank you to anyone who ever shared our comic with a friend, or on social media, and helped spread the word.

Thank you to the readers that we had the pleasure of meeting – hopefully in the years to come, we will get to meet some more.

Thank you to everyone who ever left even a single comment. I feel like I say it all the time, but it’s true: comments are what connected us to our readers, and what kept us going, week to week. We will keep our social media, and this site, up and running so we can stay in touch, and let you all what we will be working on in the future. Please, always feel free to say hello and keep in touch with us. We still want to talk about board games with you all, so let us know what you are playing!

Thank you to all of our great friends that we get to play games with. You are a great bunch of people, and damned hilarious as well. Playing games with you all is what kept the comic going!

Lastly, I want to mention Semi Co-op. Their fantastic weekly webcomic is where you can still go to get your fix board game-related shenanigans. They are lovely people, and they are making a wonderful comic. They mentioned once to us that Tiny Wooden Pieces is part of what inspired them to make their own comic. That might just be the best thing that anyone has ever said about Tiny Wooden Pieces, and knowing that we had even a small part in getting someone else to do something like this is the best legacy I can think of.

They update every Monday, and while you are checking out their comic, know that we will be there with you.


Thank you for reading.

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Panda-emic 5!

Fond Farewells

Today is a sad day for Tiny Wooden Pieces. Not only do we say goodbye to our friend Panda, but we are also announcing the end of Tiny Wooden Pieces. We are both truly very sorry to announce that next week will be our final comic. For over three years now we have enjoyed sharing this comic with you, but unfortunately, we have to now call it a day.

There are several reasons for this, but most of all, it is simply a matter of time. Or rather, time pressure. We both love making comics, and that is something we are both going to continue to do. But we no longer feel we are producing our best work on a weekly schedule. This is something we have been considering for a long time, and have talked at length about. As much as we love the comic, we do not want to continue with something that we feel we are not giving our best work to. Our next comic project will be something that we can spend a lot of time on before even announcing, let alone releasing.

More than even making our beloved comic (beloved to us, at least), we are going to miss the wonderful community that has been part of this site. What we will miss the most are the friendly, fun, funny, and inspiring comments from many people we now consider friends, even if we have never met you.

We will keep the website up, and maybe one day we will once again do something related to board games. I have been thinking about doing reviews, or something similar, and maybe this site is the place to host that. In the meantime, if anyone wants to send me board games for review as part of another site/project I would be fine with that 🙂

We will definitely keep our twitter and instagrams up. While there might not be much activity on them, at least we can still feel connected to the wonderful community of board gamers out there, that we are proud to call our friends.

We will return next week for one final comic, and I hope you will all join us then, one last time.

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Games Stop

Writer_smallerThe importance of games

Writing an accompanying blog post for this week’s comic was difficult. It felt wrong to be attempting humour under the circumstances – as I write this, the election results have been called, appointments are being made, and a new era is beginning.

But humour is important. Aileen reminded me of that this morning, and it’s true. I know maintaining a sense of humour has helped me through some challenging and dark times in my life. Humour is, perhaps, more important now than ever.

Something we talked about a lot when we started Tiny Wooden Pieces was that there were far too many people who took board gaming far too seriously, and found no humour, or silliness in the hobby. And what’s life without some silliness? Everyone needs to laugh and act out and just do something ridiculous every now and then. Little things can help. A fun evening of gaming with friends was the best distraction I’ve had all day, and it left me feeling a lot better.

If playing board games can make a difference in my life, they can make a difference for others as well. A highlight of the past week has been some great content coming from the board game community on making the hobby more inclusive. This is how you can make a difference. Little changes can make a difference, and change can start at your gaming table. It SHOULD start at your gaming table. Follow @425suzanne on twitter, and start by reading these points on helping our hobby to be more inclusive. Then watch this Board Game Breakfast, which talks about the issue as well. If you are feeling down this week, look at all of these things and understand how you can make a difference. It helps. You can help. If life is going to be more difficult for some people from now on, we should all do our best to let them know that not everyone feels the same way.

Tiny Wooden Pieces isn’t going to change the world, but we hope it makes your world that little bit brighter. I know that hearing your feedback and getting to talk to you all in the comments brightens our own world, and remains our favourite thing about making the comic. So join the conversation. Say hello, and have a chat with us. We’re all in this together, and we would love to hear from you. Join us at the table.

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