Cross Words

Cross Words

“Truly, there is no sentence yet uttered that could not be made greater with the inclusion of a pun.”

– Woodrow ‘Wordplay’ Wilson, 28th President of the United States.

This week we are celebrating comic number 150. That’s over three years of weekly comics, and a very big deal for us. If you’re reading this, we want to thank you. You are why we do this. If you want to help us celebrate, there is no better way than to leave us a comment, and join the conversation. Tell us what you’re playing, what you think of the comic. Give us a Catan pun. If you are feeling particularly generous, tell your game-playing friends all about us! Like, share, tweet, etc. That’s always a big help, and makes a difference.


This week, after a long sabbatical, I have returned to playing my beloved X-Wing Miniatures Game. I got to play a few games during the week, and my love for the game has not diminished in the slightest. Its mix of fast-paced flying and serious tactical thinking made it my most played game of last year, and I think that might be the case again this year. I have played a lot of great games so far this year, but it would take something really special to knock X-Wing off the top spot for me.


Thanks again for sticking with us for 150 comics, and if you have just joined us recently, welcome to our own little corner of the board game internet. We hope you feel welcome, and we would love it if you said hello. We are all about making board games the most fun they can be. We truly believe board games are for everyone, and should never be taken too seriously. It’s a game, after all. If you’re not having fun with it then you are probably doing something wrong.

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Of trust and trade

Writer_smallerOf trust and trade, and Gen Con

Sooner or later, we always return to Catan. It’s a kind of home for us here at Tiny Wooden Pieces. It’s not that we play the game that often. It’s more about what Catan represents, and the place it has in our collection, and in the modern history of board games. Catan deserves all of the respect it has, and it definitely deserves its place in the board gaming hall of fame. Also, we’ve grown quite fond of our settler and his hapless struggles.

Your mileage on the game itself may vary, and that is fine. For our own part, we still enjoy it when we do get to play it, and at this stage are looking to expand our settlement through some seafaring in the near future.


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Season’s greetings 2014

Artist_christmasHappy Christmas!

As 2014 draws to a close, we would like to take this opportunity to wish all our readers a very happy Christmas. It’s been an amazing year for us, with launching Tiny Wooden Pieces, and we’ve been overwhelmed with the love and support for our little webcomic. We hope you will stay with us as we continue our gaming adventures in 2015.

But more importantly, it’s Christmas. I hope everyone gets the game they wished for, or, even better, gave the gift of a game. It’s an ideal time to introduce new people to the hobby, and we certainly plan to play a good few games over the coming days with friends and family.

So do let us know what you get up to over the holidays. May there be plenty of laughter and joy and merriment. As well as pudding and mince pies and mulled wine…

Merry Christmas everyone, see you in the New Year!

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Trade negotiations

Writer_smallerTrade negotiations

It’s been a while since we visited Catan. I always knew we’d come back, though. Catan holds a special place in gaming. That hexagonal hub represents the emergence of the board game from reluctant family gatherings at Christmas to college dorms, and apparently, even Silicon Valley boardrooms.

Catan represented an important shift in the perception of the hobby, both in what it was, and who it was for. All of this I have already touched previously, and I’m sure everyone has an opinion on Catan – not all as rose-tinted as mine, I would imagine.


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Expansion Creep

Writer_smallerThe iconic isle of Catan

I don’t think this will be our last visit to the island of Catan. Like it or not, the island is engrained forever in gaming culture. 19 years later and it’s still the iconic poster child for the board game hobby. Many now see it as dated, surpassed and improved upon enough to be made redundant, but Catan remains, for me, an elegant, well-crafted and almost-always enjoyable game. It’s not one that’s brought to the table very often at a games night, but as a gateway game – something to show people that board games mean more than just Monopoly – Catan has always served well.  (more…)

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