AP-parently a common problem

Writer_smallerAP-parently a common problem

We don’t yet own Agricola, which is the game being played in today’s comic. The strip being more about a condition encountered in people playing games of a certain, broad type, and having only six panels to play with, we thought it okay to sub in a game we have no direct experience of, as a form of shorthand. A panel-bound form of poetic license, if you will.

I mentioned a few weeks ago we were looking for some games that would explore different play styles – less player conflict, more interesting themes, which means Agricola has begun to hover around the edges of our radar, and threatens to take root in our wishlist. The game ranks no. 6 on Board Game Geek, but a top 10 listing no longer carries the weight it once did for me. After a few years of board gaming I see the rankings differently, and use a number of different sites to help judge my interest in a game, and whether or not I should consider it.


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