The devil is in the dice

Writer_smallerThe devil is in the dice

Anyone thinking that a return to Marvel Dice Masters might be in some way influenced by the Daredevil TV series need only look at the comic’s title to have their suspicions wholly confirmed. What a show that turned out to be. We are only a little more than halfway through watching it, and it has already both raised the bar for comic TV shows, and leap-frogged Marvel’s other TV offering. By a considerable distance. In defence of Agents of SHIELD though, it had set that bar pretty low. SHIELD should have had everything going for it – the full weight of the Marvel cinematic universe, a great cast and set-up. It even has an enviable good plot that isn’t afraid to take big risks and shoot for big, memorable moments. It falls down on too many basics, though. Week to week the writing fails to be the glue that holds the show together.  Instead of being a team of characters, all fully realised, sympathetic and interesting, the cast are simply the cast. Acting alongside one another with a script that hampers chemistry and depth.


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Legendary Encounters: Alien

Writer_smallerLegendary Encounter with an alien

This week’s comic is laid down exactly as it happened. No concessions were made to the story in order to facilitate a better punchline. By which I mean, I couldn’t think of a better punchline, so decided to make as close to life as possible instead. That’s something, right? Dialogue has been attributed correctly, and evidence of our defeat at the hands of Legendary: Encounters has not been exaggerated. Not in the slightest.  That game is hard.

It is, however, a little easier if you actually read the rules correctly. I find it is best practise to read the rules of a game, play it once, and then, after understanding how the game plays, read the rules again once more. The second reading will be informed how the game plays, and things will make more sense, and finer points will become clear.


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Star Realms – Déjà vu

Writer_smallerDéjà vu

In case it is in some way ambiguous: this comic is in no way intended as a slight on Star Realms. The game is a superb price point, brilliantly packaged, and a really great game. I have a lot of respect for the decisions implicit in the packaging and pricing of this game. We own boxes with similar levels of components that take up 5-10 times the amount of space on my shelf that Star Realms does. It is genuinely portable, and that fact married with its 20-35 minute playing time means it is a game that is going to be well travelled, and often taught, in 2015.


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First thing’s first: over on BoardGameGeek the auction for the Jack Vasel Memorial Fund is raising a huge amount of money and you should check it out. It is a great way of giving back to the gaming community. And I know the gaming community is worth giving back to because we’ve met many of you, and know you to be friendly, welcoming, and supportive people.

If you’re interested, you can find it here, and you can bid on a guest appearance in a Tiny Wooden Pieces comic here. If you are the highest bidder when the auction ends, we will also ship you signed, colour print of the comic in which you appear. If you are one of the many who have already bid so generously on this item, I would like to thank you.


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Dominion – Sleeving

Writer_smallerThe sleeving question

It took us a long time to come around to Dominion. We were looking for a 2 player game, and it kept coming up. So we would go to the game store and pick it up, and think –this is just a box of cards. It’s a Big box of cards, sure, but we were looking for a board game, not a card game. But we’d browse BGG and see how highly Dominion was thought of, and see the Spiel de Jahre prize it had, and go back and look at it. And though it had been a long, long time, a youth spent playing Magic: The Gathering still left me dubious of card games. (more…)

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