Munchkin: Pandemic

Munchkin: Pandemic

Munchkin we don’t really play anymore. Pandemic, on the other hand, remains one of our all-time favourite games. But that doesn’t mean we’re above poking some gentle fun at it. It’s important to be able to maintain a sense of humour about things. This is probably more true the more sacred you hold something. Nothing should be above satire.

I don’t begrudge either Munchkin or Pandemic the number of versions and expansions they each boast. Both are great gateway games, and variations and licenses are only going to help them reach more people. Also, I’m a firm believer that if you don’t like or approve of a product, simply don’t buy it. Problem solved.

While I’m perfectly fine with Munchkin spawning new editions like disease cubes during an outbreak, as I said above, we don’t play it anymore. Pandemic, on the other hand, we continue to devour, like Shoggoth spawning in a crowd of innocents. And in all fairness to the game (brand?), we haven’t come across a bad edition yet. Each brings something different, and interesting, to the board, and none feel like a mere re-skin or cash-in. We’ve played and loved Cthulhu, Iberia, Legacy, On the Brink, The Cure – and we haven’t even gotten through all of the expansions/iterations yet, and our campaign of Legacy is one of our all-time great board gaming experiences.

Thoughts? Opinions? Favourite versions of Pandemic? Think there are too many versions of Pandemic?

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X-Wing – Swarm tactics

Writer_smallerSwarm tactics

This week’s comic is about the X-Wing Miniatures game. In particular it refers to the Swarm army list for the game. More on that below, as I’d love to talk a little about the game itself first…

I do my best to avoid miniatures games. Games Workshop was my introduction to gaming, and growing up I loved the science fiction universe, the character of the armies, and the real challenge the game brought to the table. What I didn’t love was the expense (or the painting, if I’m honest). Spending more than €50 on a base game and then needing to spend 3-4 times that to then field a reasonable army was then, and still is, too much for me.


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Expansion Creep

Writer_smallerThe iconic isle of Catan

I don’t think this will be our last visit to the island of Catan. Like it or not, the island is engrained forever in gaming culture. 19 years later and it’s still the iconic poster child for the board game hobby. Many now see it as dated, surpassed and improved upon enough to be made redundant, but Catan remains, for me, an elegant, well-crafted and almost-always enjoyable game. It’s not one that’s brought to the table very often at a games night, but as a gateway game – something to show people that board games mean more than just Monopoly – Catan has always served well.  (more…)

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