Get rich quick

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These days, whenever I open up a new document to start on a Tiny Wooden Pieces script, my first thought is always “Script number 093? – wow. That’s a lot of comics.” When we started, I never imagined we would get this far. I’m not sure how far I did think we would get, if I’m honest. Writing a comic a week, every single week, about board games, is not something I figured I’d be able to do this long. I mean, I love board games, and I love comics. I just didn’t think I’d be able to keep it going. People do actually ask me quite often how I come up with ideas every week, and the honest truth is I don’t like to think about it. If I think about it too much I think it’ll scare me. Or worse, scare the ideas off. So the creative process is, essentially, don’t think about it until I have to, and then hope really hard I don’t draw a blank when I do have to think about it (usually about Sunday when I’m thinking – oh sh*t next week is like, one day away).

And sure, some weeks are better than others, and some weeks are, well, probably just plain weak, but 93 comics later, here we are. Headed towards 100. And with a strong readership, who I look forward to talking to in the comments every week.


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