Careful What You Wish For

Writer_smallerKeep on playin’ games

Firstly, for those who care about such things (and I believe our audience numbers a few of you) there is another great value word game on KS right now. This one seems to have an extraordinarily simple rule set, so much so that I was put off a little at first, but it’s possible it is one of those games that works well, not in spite of, but because of, a simple rule set. At only 23 dollars including shipping, it’s quite likely I will find out. And the KS is still live as this comic is posted.

Halloween came and went with little in the way of opportunity for playing seasonal games. We did manage a solitary game of Werewolf (I won, and must say the villagers were delightfully tasty), but Mysterium, or Ghost Stories, or Dead of Winter all failed to haunt our gaming group with their presence.

Still, if Disney movies have taught me anything, it’s that Halloween was, and still is, in our hearts all along, and so can be celebrated right up to Christmas, at which point the carved pumpkins are likely to be no more than orange mushy puddles by your doorstep, and should be removed. The point being, spooky games are good all year round, so we shall try our best to get some in at a later date. In fact, we have been meaning to get back to Fiasco, and there are plenty of appropriately themed scenarios for a night of horror gaming. Our first game was an ordinary crime-themed bloodbath, so now we want to try a bloodbath of a more supernatural nature – zombies, monsters, politicians, accountants etc.

I have an X-Wing tournament this weekend, but after that there is no more competitive X-Wing (at least locally) until the new year, so I will be playing a broader spectrum of games in general. Having said that, it is also looking more and more likely that GW’s Blood Bowl will release this month, which means I will just be swapping an X-Wing obsession for a Blood Bowl obsession … Anyone else as excited about Blood Bowl as I am? (on a scale of 1 to pretty darn excited I would rate myself as being ‘pretty darn excited’)

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Happy families

Writer_smallerGuest comics 1

Guest Comics are officially here!

In case you missed it, myself and Aileen are taking a few weeks off over Christmas, and we didn’t want to leave the site go without any updates. So we called in some help from some talented friends, and got them to make comics for us for three weeks.

This week was written by Dave McNally. Dave’s a friend from the local comic creator meet-up, and this is the first time I’ve worked with him. He’s more of a war gamer than a board gamer, but I was delighted to hear that reading through our archives left him lighter in pocket to the tune of several new board games. I really liked his ideas, and he has written two of the three ‘guest’ comics we will be running.

Artwork is by Damien Duncan, a local who I have worked with on quite a few stories for Grayhaven Comics and Turncoat Press. Damien’s work is brilliant, and I always find his storytelling and innovation makes my writing look better than it is.

Finally, colouring is by Chris O’ Halloran, who is a co-founder of Turncoat Press. A great selection of impressive work can be found here.

Lettering is still by me, more of my work can be found in the archives and this sentence you are reading. I’ve encouraged all the creators to hang around the comments, so say hello if you like. I’m really excited about the next few weeks of comics, as not only do I get to put my feet up, but I think bringing some new voices to the site makes for a great change. I will still be here and posting in the blog and comments over the next few weeks. Please do tell us what you think of the comics. Both myself and Aileen are genuinely excited about the idea of getting more talent and different styles on the site, and we would love to hear how people feel about this (we need to know if we can take a holiday next year).

Finally, and I speak for both myself and Aileen when I say this:


Happy nearly-star-wars everyone! Who wants to go Star Wars Carol-ing?

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Oh, youth

Writer_smallerOh, laptops

I had some computer issues right when I was due to write a post, so instead of writing a blog post all about how I had some IT issues which look like they’ve been fixed but still cost me the time it would have taken to write a post, I’ll just mention that I had some IT issues which look like they’ve been fixed but still cost me the time it would have taken to write a post. So:

I had some IT issues which look like they’ve been fixed but still cost me the time it would have taken to write a post.

Normal service should resume next week, as long as I still have a laptop to type on. If I don’t have a laptop to type on, my bigger problem will be that I won’t be able to play Fallout 2, which is the one I never managed to finish and for some reason, possibly connected to E3, I decided to re-download just this week. I’ve been spending more time these last few weeks playing video games. Other than Fallout 4, the trailer I was most excited about from E3 was Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2. Whatever your interest in the franchise, or in games at all, you will understand my excitement if you followed that link. How could you not?

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Deleted scenes – Part II

Writer_smallerDeleted scenes part II

The unconnected but in-the-same-vein Deleted Scenes Part I can be found here. Deleted Scenes is our way of showing some outtakes from our gaming table in 2014. Incidents that didn’t quite make it as comics, but were enough to warrant some bonus material, found lurking at the end of the year, after the main feature has ended, but before you can gather up the energy to turn off the DVD and go to bed.


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Games night – A night to remember

Writer_smallerMagic: The Gathering

Please don’t get the wrong impression from the comic. I don’t begrudge Magic its popularity. I think it’s amazing. A phenomenon like that can only be good for hobby games of any sort, whether they are board, card, or war. It raises the profile, brings in profits, brings in players.

According to Wizards of the Coast, Magic has more than six million players. That is literally more people than the country I live in. Yes, Ireland is a small country, but that is still a ludicrous number of players, and a huge income for hobby stores. What helps gaming stores, helps everyone involved in the hobby. Not just that, though. I feel Magic: The Gathering is actually an important game, and not just for the bottom line of my local game stores.


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Problems at home

Writer_smallerProblems at home

I’d like to take this opportunity to welcome my family to the site (hi guys!). Settle in, find a seat – not too close to the back, sit where you can see, please. To our returning guests, thanks for coming again, we hope you found the comic to your taste, and we’re glad you decided to stay for the blog posts as well. Not everyone does. This week we’re going to be talking about getting others into the hobby. But don’t worry, we won’t keep you too long. Just a brief chat, and then you can get back to work. I promise I won’t tell the boss you’ve been spending your morning looking at webcomics.


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