No Sleep ’till Eradication

Writer_smallerNew Comics Resume Next Week!

No new comic this week! After two great guest comics and a Christmas special, we are taking one week off before throwing ourselves once more into the unforgiving arms of a weekly comic update schedule. Unforgiving, but nonetheless rewarding, challenging, creative & fun. As ever, the guest comics and the time off has allowed us to recharge our creative batteries, and we do feel that this allows us to make better comics. It also allows us time to play more games, which we think is pretty great as well.

We also now have an Instagram account! Our account is twpcomic – just a couple of posts so far while we figure it out, but we would really appreciate it if you could give us a follow. You can also find us on twitter via the same handle – @twpcomic. The Tiny Wooden Pieces New Year’s Resolution is in fact to do a lot more on social media this year, so you will find a lot of our ramblings, thoughts, unsolicited opinions, sketches, games we’re playing and pictures of dogs we think look like famous people on Twitter, Instagram & Facebook this year.

So, until next week, we hope you all had some lovely time off, and got to spent some time with friends & loved ones. And if that time was spent playing board games with them, then all the better. As far as we are concerned, there is no better way to spend your time than playing games with good friends, and our own personal New Year’s Resolution is to spend more of our time doing exactly that.

Happy New Year!

Writer_smallerGuest week

The last of this year’s guest comics bring the return of Dave and Roselyn, as they continue to discover the wonders, or dangers, of board games. The comic was illustrated by the brilliant Damien Duncan, and, of course, written by Dave himself. And Dave was also kind enough to contribute a blog post this week as well.

Next week we are actually taking a week off. I gotta put my hand up and say we messed up our scheduling and guest comics, and realised too late that we didn’t have a comic ready for next week, and most of our week will be spent visiting my folks at home in Kerry. Rather than do a rush job on a comic, we decided to take the week off, as putting up a half-ass comic is the only thing I can think of that is worse than missing a week of updates.

So I apologise in advance, but we will return in earnest in 2017, full of renewed energy and enthusiasm. Thanks for sticking with us for another year, and if you would be so kind as to join us again in 2017, we would consider it an honour.


DaveGuest Blog!

Hi everyone, happy holidays! Firstly, thank you to Colin and Aileen for letting me loose on their comic again, and thank you to Damian for doing such an awesome job with this strip.

This is, in fact, a true story. I agonised for a long time over changing the ending to make it funnier, but in the end I had to go with what really happened. My lovely, chilled out, completely uncompetitive wife discovered we could lose against a board game and something inside her snapped. Suddenly she needed to win more than a Russian Olympian. I suppose I should be grateful we only took three attempts to win and cure the world. Otherwise, we could still be there!

My wife is not crazy, she would like you all to know that, apparently. However, if you would like to see her proven wrong, tell Colin you would like to hear about our recent attempt at the new board game, Labyrinth.

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I Misunderstood What I Was Meant to Be Doing

Writer_smallerThe Story of a Christmas Web Comic

I think this might be my favourite comic that we have ever run on the site. The strip nearly wasn’t made, as I initially rejected the idea. Neither Shane Ormond (Writer) nor Charlie Aabo (Artist) will ever let me forget this fact. I’ll get back to that, but first of all I wanted to introduce you to the creators:

I met Shane Ormond through the local comic creator meet-up. I did some lettering for him on a short-lived three-panel gag strip in a local magazine. After that, I edited a couple of short scripts of his that were published in local comic anthologies. Later down the line, I ended up editing “The Guards”, a 48-page comic book he wrote, which was published earlier this year. You can buy a physical copy online here. To date, The Guards is probably the comic I am most proud of making.

You can follow Shane on twitter: @horkerspade

Having edited most of Shane’s recent comic work, I like to take full credit for all of his writing successes, including any and all in the future. Charlie Aabo on the other hand, is someone I have learnt a lot from, so no doubt he will be taking credit for my success, whenever that happens. He studied, and later taught at the Joe Kubert school, and probably has more years of experience in making comics than I have reading them. His work has energy, comedy, and character that you rarely see individually, let alone all poured together into one page from the pen of a single creator. Having him on the site is an honour.

You can find his creator-owned work on Comixology here, and I suggest you have a look, and a purchase. When you’re through reading those, you can encourage him to make more by hounding him on Facebook and Twitter:


And if you’re really into it, you can visit his website and embarrass him into updating it:

So anyway, about two months before Christmas last year, I emailed a few friends whose work I admire, asking them to help out on the site over Christmas. Shane got back to me just before deadline with a really unusual script. It had absolutely nothing to do with board games, and was entirely the most bizarre pitch I received.

I turned it down, but it wouldn’t leave my head. After turning it over in my head for a week, I realised I had turned it down for all the wrong reasons. “It didn’t suit the site”, “it wasn’t what the readers would want”, “the audience might not like it or get it”. All terrible, terrible reasons to have broken Shane’s poor, delicate, writer’s heart. I was second-guessing the audience, and afraid to take a risk. The script really made me laugh, and it was completely ridiculous. That was all that should have mattered. By trying to second-guess the audience, I was doing them (you) a disservice.

After changing my mind about running the comic, I discussed it with Aileen, and we decided it would really need the right artist to work. It would not even be worth attempting without someone who could match perfectly its wonderfully absurd tone. There was only one name that fit that bill, and I decided if I couldn’t get Charlie I wouldn’t run the comic – that’s not an exaggeration to flatter, it’s just the truth of the matter.

By the time we had zeroed in on Charlie as our pick for artist, it was too late to use the comic for Christmas. But I liked it enough asked Charlie to have it in for this year, and as luck would have it, 12 months was just about enough time for him to find the time.

Maybe you will love it, maybe you will hate it, maybe you will scratch your head and wonder at the lack of dice and meeples. Either way, I feel I made the right call, but would nonetheless love to hear your thoughts on it.

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They’re really just guidelines

Writer_smallerGuest comic 2: They’re really just guidelines

This week, we’re delighted to have another guest comic from the incredible combination of Hayley Mulcahy and Dave McNally. Both previously worked on this comic, but this time Hayley not only provides art, but colouring as well. And what an incredible job she’s done, on both art and colouring. The strip just jumps off the page, and every panel is packed with character and humour. I hope you all love it as much as I do. And if you do, say hello in the comments, and check out more of Hayley’s work online:

twitter @HayleyMulch

You won’t find Dave online because he’s a ghost wrapped in a shadow who pilots an invisible jet, but if you like the comic you can say nice things to him in the comments.

The comic features Dave and his wife Roselyn, as they continue their board gaming adventures, previously seen here and here. At this point, I have to say that I’m a big fan of our guest comics featuring recurring characters. It gives a nice continuity, even while myself and Aileen are handing off our workload to friends and people we have blackmail material on. I think it makes the transition from regular weeks to guest weeks a lot better.

Myself and Aileen will be back next week, and if all went well on our holiday, we will have spent every penny we had saved on board games, so should be sitting on a pile of new material for both board game nights and comics. See you all again soon!

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Taxation tyranny

Writer_smallerGuest comic 1: Taxation tyranny

Joe Griffin has featured before as a guest creator, colouring this, and also this, comic. This time, he’s writing, drawing, colouring and lettering the comic. It’s polymath multi-talented guys like him that put guys like me to shame. Thanks Joe, you’re a real pal. Seriously though, Joe’s work is getting better and better all the time, and I was delighted he was able to do more than colour this time around.

For more of his work, check out and like/heart his hip social medias:

The Great Dalmuti is a game I have never actually played. I have heard good things, though, and I’m sure it’s been recommended in the comments here at some point. It was interesting to see a comic done about a game I was not familiar with, but I think Joe does a good job of giving enough information to make it work with or without knowledge of the game itself.

As we’ve been mentioning for the past few weeks, we are currently on holiday in Boston We will be hanging out at Knight Moves board game cafe in Brookline. So if you are around, come meet us! We will be there all evening on Tuesday the 3rd of May. We should be there around 7 or 8PM (we will confirm the time here and on Twitter) and we intend on staying until close (11PM) Directions and details can be found here, if you are going to come along, do let us know in the comments or Twitter.

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Writer_smallerGuest comics 3

For the final comic in our holiday season guest creator extravaganza, we were able to lean on a whole wealth of extraordinary talent. Writing was once again provided by Dave McNally, previously seen here. Two of the guest comics were written by Dave, whose work provided not only a relief from writing, but an inspiration for my own, as well. (this means I’m going to steal your ideas, Dave) As I’m sure I mentioned before, Dave’s own tastes lean more towards wargaming, so we get to see things from that perspective in this strip, as he ponders the three great mysteries of wargaming: Where the heck do you put it all, how on earth do you find time to play it all, and how do you even begin to explain your obsession to your partner?

Art this week was by Hayley Mulcahy, who breathes brilliant life, humour and animation onto the page. Hayley’s work is well worth checking out, so I suggest you do so, at the following exciting locations, the list of which leads me to believe that Tiny Wooden Pieces needs to expand its own web presence:


Lettering was by local Lost Viking Charlie Aabo, whose skills in this field put my own to shame. When not lettering and looking dapper, Charlie is also a superlative cartoonist, whose own work can be seen here:

If you follow that link you will see why I intend to chase him up for further, and more extensive collaboration for next year’s holiday guest creator extravaganza (otherwise known as myself and Aileen get to take some time off for Christmas).

Lastly, colouring was by Joe Griffin, for the second week running, and if you fancy stalking this handsome chap, while simultaneously checking out his artwork, you can do so here:

See all of you fine and lovely people next week, for maybe a special Christmas-y post. But only if you are all really lovely and tell us what the best game you played this year was. Not the newest, it doesn’t even have to have been released this year, or last. Simply, what was the most fun you had playing a game. In one sitting, over the whole year, up to you. We would just love to hear about some fun games you all played.

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Shia LaBoeuf

Writer_smallerGuest comics 2

Next to Aileen, Kevin Keane is probably the artist I have collaborated with the most. He is a pleasure to work with, and and puts everything into every page he does. I think you can see that here, and in the rest of his work, which you can find here:

or here:

and on twitter here:



Colouring this week is by Joe Griffin, who is an excellent colourist, letterer and artist. In fact, when guest comics roll around again (fingers crossed for that holiday in 2016) I’d love to get him to illustrate a comic himself. He has a great style of his own that I think would be well suited to our site. You can find Joe’s work here:

Finally, writing this week was shared between myself and Wayne Kennedy. I work with Wayne (in real life, not in comics) and I game with him regularly as well. In fact, I’ve stolen so many jokes and ideas from playing games with him that a credit in the comic was long overdue anyway…

This week’s comic is based on actual events. Actually, not just based on, more it’s a faithful retelling of the last time we played Ghost Stories. I’m still loving that game, and it’s still mostly kicking our asses, which endears it to me all the more, to be honest. I love the challenge of it, and every loss makes me more eager to master it. And one thing I have learned, is that mastering it does not involve spending the game chatting about trailers and inane videos we saw on the internet.

Who knew?


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Happy families

Writer_smallerGuest comics 1

Guest Comics are officially here!

In case you missed it, myself and Aileen are taking a few weeks off over Christmas, and we didn’t want to leave the site go without any updates. So we called in some help from some talented friends, and got them to make comics for us for three weeks.

This week was written by Dave McNally. Dave’s a friend from the local comic creator meet-up, and this is the first time I’ve worked with him. He’s more of a war gamer than a board gamer, but I was delighted to hear that reading through our archives left him lighter in pocket to the tune of several new board games. I really liked his ideas, and he has written two of the three ‘guest’ comics we will be running.

Artwork is by Damien Duncan, a local who I have worked with on quite a few stories for Grayhaven Comics and Turncoat Press. Damien’s work is brilliant, and I always find his storytelling and innovation makes my writing look better than it is.

Finally, colouring is by Chris O’ Halloran, who is a co-founder of Turncoat Press. A great selection of impressive work can be found here.

Lettering is still by me, more of my work can be found in the archives and this sentence you are reading. I’ve encouraged all the creators to hang around the comments, so say hello if you like. I’m really excited about the next few weeks of comics, as not only do I get to put my feet up, but I think bringing some new voices to the site makes for a great change. I will still be here and posting in the blog and comments over the next few weeks. Please do tell us what you think of the comics. Both myself and Aileen are genuinely excited about the idea of getting more talent and different styles on the site, and we would love to hear how people feel about this (we need to know if we can take a holiday next year).

Finally, and I speak for both myself and Aileen when I say this:


Happy nearly-star-wars everyone! Who wants to go Star Wars Carol-ing?

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