Bags – A pain we all know

Writer_smallerIt’s all those tiny wooden pieces…

It goes without saying, of course, that the comic represents an exaggerated version of the truth. In Ireland, police don’t carry guns. But the endless search for baggies, the frustration at a terrible component to bag ratio lurking under the lid of a new purchase, hours spending popping open old games, desperately searching, cupboards raided, Tupperware stolen… I’m sure I don’t need to go on, dear reader. We’ve all been there.

The flipside of this is of course the joy of a good inlay. Opening a box and knowing, just knowing that all the components, cards, miniatures, dice, counters, more cards will all nestle snugly into the plastic tray. Games the likes of Splendor, which, while oversized to be sure, deserves a prize for its perfect inlay, let alone gameplay. Why publishers don’t put a little more care into providing package for their games is a puzzle. Maybe even a game… No? OK, too much of a stretch. I’ll leave it there, then.


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