Destroy It Yourself

Destroy It Yourself

One of the (many) wonderful things about board games is how it brings out the inner crafter. It certainly has brought out mine. Assembling and painting miniatures, printing and cutting PNP games, customer storage for card and miniature games. There is nothing quite like the satisfaction of completing a project, be it anything from Lego, to a Kallax, to homemade dice tray. And board gaming provides plenty of opportunity for crafting projects of all stripes.

Prime amongst this is probably storage solutions or inserts. While you can buy amazing solutions online, I always prefer to at least give it a go myself. Not least because shipping to Ireland is a continual thorn in the side of our hobby – everything from Kickstarters to accessories – that’s what we get for living on a tiny island.

I recently tackled FFG’s Arkham Horror CCG. While the box will fit everything plus expansions, sorting the cards is a serious issue. There are far too many categories of cards for each deck and scenario, which meant every time we wanted to play we had to pull everything out and sort through it. The time spent on a box where we could divide the cards into categories with ease was worth it.

Next up, I intend to tackle Eclipse. Again, the game has plenty of room in the box, but there are literally hundreds of tokens and counters, and set-up is sanity-sapping and fiddly. If there is any game in our collection that I would love to see hit the table more often, it’s Eclipse. So if there is anything I can do to help that I will.

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Bags – A pain we all know

Writer_smallerIt’s all those tiny wooden pieces…

It goes without saying, of course, that the comic represents an exaggerated version of the truth. In Ireland, police don’t carry guns. But the endless search for baggies, the frustration at a terrible component to bag ratio lurking under the lid of a new purchase, hours spending popping open old games, desperately searching, cupboards raided, Tupperware stolen… I’m sure I don’t need to go on, dear reader. We’ve all been there.

The flipside of this is of course the joy of a good inlay. Opening a box and knowing, just knowing that all the components, cards, miniatures, dice, counters, more cards will all nestle snugly into the plastic tray. Games the likes of Splendor, which, while oversized to be sure, deserves a prize for its perfect inlay, let alone gameplay. Why publishers don’t put a little more care into providing package for their games is a puzzle. Maybe even a game… No? OK, too much of a stretch. I’ll leave it there, then.


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