No Sleep ’till Eradication

Writer_smallerNew Comics Resume Next Week!

No new comic this week! After two great guest comics and a Christmas special, we are taking one week off before throwing ourselves once more into the unforgiving arms of a weekly comic update schedule. Unforgiving, but nonetheless rewarding, challenging, creative & fun. As ever, the guest comics and the time off has allowed us to recharge our creative batteries, and we do feel that this allows us to make better comics. It also allows us time to play more games, which we think is pretty great as well.

We also now have an Instagram account! Our account is twpcomic – just a couple of posts so far while we figure it out, but we would really appreciate it if you could give us a follow. You can also find us on twitter via the same handle – @twpcomic. The Tiny Wooden Pieces New Year’s Resolution is in fact to do a lot more on social media this year, so you will find a lot of our ramblings, thoughts, unsolicited opinions, sketches, games we’re playing and pictures of dogs we think look like famous people on Twitter, Instagram & Facebook this year.

So, until next week, we hope you all had some lovely time off, and got to spent some time with friends & loved ones. And if that time was spent playing board games with them, then all the better. As far as we are concerned, there is no better way to spend your time than playing games with good friends, and our own personal New Year’s Resolution is to spend more of our time doing exactly that.

Happy New Year!

Writer_smallerGuest week

The last of this year’s guest comics bring the return of Dave and Roselyn, as they continue to discover the wonders, or dangers, of board games. The comic was illustrated by the brilliant Damien Duncan, and, of course, written by Dave himself. And Dave was also kind enough to contribute a blog post this week as well.

Next week we are actually taking a week off. I gotta put my hand up and say we messed up our scheduling and guest comics, and realised too late that we didn’t have a comic ready for next week, and most of our week will be spent visiting my folks at home in Kerry. Rather than do a rush job on a comic, we decided to take the week off, as putting up a half-ass comic is the only thing I can think of that is worse than missing a week of updates.

So I apologise in advance, but we will return in earnest in 2017, full of renewed energy and enthusiasm. Thanks for sticking with us for another year, and if you would be so kind as to join us again in 2017, we would consider it an honour.


DaveGuest Blog!

Hi everyone, happy holidays! Firstly, thank you to Colin and Aileen for letting me loose on their comic again, and thank you to Damian for doing such an awesome job with this strip.

This is, in fact, a true story. I agonised for a long time over changing the ending to make it funnier, but in the end I had to go with what really happened. My lovely, chilled out, completely uncompetitive wife discovered we could lose against a board game and something inside her snapped. Suddenly she needed to win more than a Russian Olympian. I suppose I should be grateful we only took three attempts to win and cure the world. Otherwise, we could still be there!

My wife is not crazy, she would like you all to know that, apparently. However, if you would like to see her proven wrong, tell Colin you would like to hear about our recent attempt at the new board game, Labyrinth.

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The Dark Knight romances

Writer_smallerBat love

It’s the romantic undercurrent you always knew that was there.

Not content with releasing a Munchkin version of Love Letter, AEG are making a bid for the game to actually become the new Munchkin, releasing an ever growing number of versions of their now-flagship card game, with different themes bolted on. In addition to the Hobbit, Batman and Munchkin, later this year fans of Archer will be getting their own Love Letter as well. And as far as I’m concerned, this is fantastic. Batman Love Letter might seem an awkward mix, and the theme sure is fairly thin, but it remains the great gateway game that the original was. And with a Batman theme it’s a gateway game that is going to get into the hands of so many more people who would otherwise never have played it.


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Love occupies all

Writer_smallerLove Letter

Love Letter! It’s been a while. Come to think of it, it’s been a while since we played Love Letter, as well. But like an ex who finds a better looking, more successful partner the day after the break up, Love Letter has been getting on just fine without us. In fact, the little game that could now has six different editions (two of which are forthcoming). Including a Munchkin edition. In fact, it was probably from Munchkin that Love Letter picked up the idea of perennially re-theming for added shelf life – Munchkin now listing 16 different core sets on its website.


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Love Letter

Writer_smallerLove Letter

Some counters – they are just there to keep track of score. 4 reference cards – convenient, but far from essential. After that you have 16 cards and a lovely velvet-y pouch to carry them in. That’s it. 16 cards that manage to add up to a game that is easy to teach, quick to play, and a great balance of deduction and luck.  (more…)

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