It’s a magical hobby

Writer_smallerIt’s a magical hobby

Something a little different this week, to celebrate the fact that we have been making the webcomic for one year now. 52 comics, and I’m very proud to say all have been posted on time. It is of course just our first year, but so far so good.

One year is quite young for a webcomic, and we are still very much finding our feet, even now. Both myself and Aileen dabble in small-press publishing, but Tiny Wooden Pieces is by far the biggest and longest-running project we have been involved in. Putting a comic on the internet as opposed to in print is a hugely different venture, and although Tiny Wooden Pieces has more of an audience than any printed work we have done, it’s more abstracted. If you sell 100 comics at a convention you get to see, talk to, shake hands with or high five every person who buys the book. But you can reach 10 times that many people every week online and never see or know a single person who reads the comic. Google Analytics can tell us where they come from, what time of day they log on, and how long they stay, but these are facts, not feedback.


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