The devil is in the dice

Writer_smallerThe devil is in the dice

Anyone thinking that a return to Marvel Dice Masters might be in some way influenced by the Daredevil TV series need only look at the comic’s title to have their suspicions wholly confirmed. What a show that turned out to be. We are only a little more than halfway through watching it, and it has already both raised the bar for comic TV shows, and leap-frogged Marvel’s other TV offering. By a considerable distance. In defence of Agents of SHIELD though, it had set that bar pretty low. SHIELD should have had everything going for it – the full weight of the Marvel cinematic universe, a great cast and set-up. It even has an enviable good plot that isn’t afraid to take big risks and shoot for big, memorable moments. It falls down on too many basics, though. Week to week the writing fails to be the glue that holds the show together.  Instead of being a team of characters, all fully realised, sympathetic and interesting, the cast are simply the cast. Acting alongside one another with a script that hampers chemistry and depth.


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We interrupt this broadcast . . .

Writer_smallerA deluge of dice

A short post this week, but normal service will resume next week. I’ve spent the week putting the finishing touches to a local comic anthology that I am editing, so my time has been stretched too thin to hold anything more than a brief post for this week’s comic.

Unfortunately, when my time is pulled in different directions, gaming tends to be the first casualty, so tomorrow will be the first chance I have had to play anything in a while. Tomorrow night at gaming we will be returning to Legendary Encounters: Alien. Two weeks in a row this game has really kicked our asses, so this week we are determined to turn the tables. Third time lucky, I guess. Except for Alien movies. If our luck follows that trend, we’re doomed. In any case, I expect to be writing some more about Legendary Encounters in the coming weeks.


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A vicious circle

Writer_smallerA vicious circle

My blog post is a little scattered this week, for a more coherent, and relevant-to-the-comic piece of writing, skip to Aileen’s post below.

Still with me? How generous.  Have some kind thoughts, free of charge, and don’t act like I didn’t warn you when I skip from talking about games to maybe that should read “writing about” rather than “talking about.”


At the time of posting, there will only be a few hours left in the Jack Vasel Memorial Fund auction. Tiny Wooden Pieces is auctioning a chance to appear in our comic, and to receive a colour, signed print of this comic. Bid here, and learn about the charity here. Please do support this any way you can. But be warned, some crazy person has already bid more than $200 on it. If this is too rich for your blood, or you have no interest in being made fun of on an internet comic about board games (sorry people-who-already-bid, no take-backsies) then there are plenty of actual board games you can bid on as well.


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MDM – Investigative journalism

Writer_smallerMarvel Dice Masters

‘The big retailers got all the copies’.

‘They are purposefully short-shipping to create demand’.

People love a conspiracy, or any kind of story. The simple fact is that Marvel Dice Masters is a product that meets at an almost unique crossroads of demand right now. Gaming is going through a boom, so there’s that.  It’s a collectible game, those are particularly big right now. As though that wasn’t enough, it’s based around Marvel superheroes. How big are they right now? Have you been to the cinema lately? And finally, just to ensure no-one escapses, the booster packs are a Dollar. Just one. One Dollar! Who’s not gonna walk into a games store and not pick up one booster. Or two, or three, or more. I mean, c’mon. They’re a Dollar.


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