Legacy Problems

Legacy Problems

Paula is our dear friend and faithful Pandemic Legacy companion. Faithful until she had to move to the other side of the country for work. Granted, we live on a pretty small island, but a six-hour journey is still a bit much for a board game. Even one as good as Pandemic Legacy.

If you haven’t yet played it and are wondering does it live up to the hype, the short but definite answer is yes. Not six-hour commute good, but close.

The good news is, Paula is back home for a few weeks next month, so we will basically be setting up a camp bed for her in the games room. We are only in August, so have a lot of game to get through.

Our year of Pandemic has not been the total washout that the comic makes it out to be, but there have been times when we have felt less like we were playing the game, and more like the game was simply toying with us, biding its time until crushing us in the last moments. Waiting for us to feel secure in victory, certain of a win.

In Pandemic Legacy, hubris is the greatest danger. You can never, ever, get cocky, or let your guard down. That’s what it wants the most.

In the meantime, we are continuing our journey into D&D, playing some more games, and learning more of the system, and how the game works. We’ve got the books now, and I’ve started planning a small introductory adventure for another group of our friends. I’ve had a lot of people point me towards a lot of great resources, but the best by far is Matthew Colville’s Youtube series on running a D&D campaign. His videos are pitched at beginners, entertaining, and cover everything from character creation to world-building.

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After reading the comic, I was afraid it would come off as sarcastic, or cynical about the seemingly universal praise and attention that Pandemic Legacy is receiving. Let me be clear. I am, in real life, and not just in comic form, just this excited for Pandemic Legacy. I am an excitable person. Pandemic still ranks as one of, if not our actual favourite game, and the Legacy system is a brilliant way to really bring the theme and knife edge tension of the game to life.

Our Risk Legacy campaign is technically still ongoing, but only just. I’m not ready to call Time of Death on it yet, but it has been on life support for a while now. I don’t want to give up on it, but getting the group together, and putting Risk Legacy in front of every other game is increasing difficult the longer it goes between games. We may have to just start Pandemic Legacy and leave Risk in suspended animation.

Brief blog post this week, but on a final note, myself and Aileen will be taking a few weeks off over Christmas. However, we have an exciting plan brewing to keep the comics coming while we fatten ourselves on seasonal treats, oversleep, be merry, and try to peel off the couch long enough to set up a board game or two. So the website will update with new comics all over Christmas, even as we take some time to recharge our batteries and figure out some improvements for next year.

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