Watch It Played

Watch It Played

A couple of things to note about this week’s comic. Firstly, this is a true story, just not one that originally starred Aileen. This was a story told to us by our friend Emer, who walked in on her partner Chris trying to set up Euphoria and having a full-blown argument with poor Rodney from Watch it Played. So thanks to Chris and Emer for allowing us to steal this for a comic.

Secondly, this is not meant in any way as a criticism of Rodney or Watch it Played – we just thought an angry reaction was such a stark counterpoint to Rodney’s genial, friendly, practically soothing manner that it was too funny not to go with. So calming are the video presentations of Rodney, in fact, that I have been known to put them on before bed just to unwind.

Sometimes I dream of meeples.


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Westeros Problems

Writer_smallerWhat are those rules again . . .?

It’s been a long time since we’ve managed a game of Game of Thrones, but we’re angling to get it to the table sometime soon. It’s heavy, but a really great game. One of the first really heavy games we ever bought. In terms of rules and game play, it does actual flow quite well, despite a chunky 30-page rulebook. All the different mechanics work quite well, and it makes for a really engaging session.

But ports, though. I don’t know why this is, but we always end up looking up ports during a game. They are a particular type of territory that seem to be an exception to every other rule in the game, and we can never quite remember exactly how they function. I’m never quite sure if this is because they are needlessly complex, or if the rules could be explained better. It is, by and large, a decent rulebook though.

Thinking about Game of Thrones and its weight always puts me in mind of Eclipse. That is a game that is just as complex (if not more so) but all the mechanics seem to knit so effortlessly together that we never have to look things up. The game just flows far better than a game of its type has any right to. You are researching technologies, upgrading your fleet, exploring and colonising systems and managing a basic economy, and it all just gels. It might be one of the truly great game designs in our collection, I think, and definitely worth a look if a 4X or sci-fi is your thing.

In news, this week, there have been so many Blood Bowl teasers, videos, and news that I may just explode like an over-inflated squig. Way back in my Warhammer years, I picked up a copy of Blood Bowl, and was a huge fan. Unfortunately, most of my time was spent trying to convince people to play it, as opposed to actually playing the damn game.

Luckily, this time around I seem to be surrounded by people who are as excited about the game as I am, so I will be going all in – as many teams and expansions as I can afford. I have heard a lot of great things about Guild Ball recently, and if it wasn’t for the re-release of Blood Bowl I would almost certainly have picked it up by now. But Blood Bowl is a classic, so Guild Ball will have to wait (until I meet someone with a copy willing to give me a demo game).

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