The great game

Writer_smallerWelcome return

And we’re back!

Firstly, I want to extend a really heartfelt thanks to the brilliant creators that kept Tiny Wooden Pieces going while we were away. Dave, Hayley & Joe did an exceptional job. Without such talented friends to fill in for us, we would really be stuck. I think the work they are doing is getting better each time, to the point where I’m really excited to see the ideas and comics come in from them.

While we were in Boston we got to spend an evening in Knight Moves Board Game Cafe in Brookline. We had extended an open invite for anyone to come along and say hi, and we met some really great people. So I want to thank Kevin, Ivy, Rose and Jennifer for coming out and playing some games with us. We had a blast, and you were all really great fun to game with. Which is probably the best thing we can possibly say about a person.  And one final thanks goes to Devon, the owner of Knight Moves. He’s running a fantastic establishment, and we hope to have the opportunity to visit again some time.


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The case of the missing detective

Writer_smallerConsulting Detective

It’s fairly difficult to talk about Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective at any great length and avoid spoilers. (I will be avoiding them, before you throw yourself on your screen in a valiant effort to protect anyone else in the room from spoilers. It’s safe to read on.) The game trades in mysteries, and to unravel any of them would be to do a great disservice to anyone why has yet to play the game. For that reason, all the situations and characters to which the following post alludes to are fictional. Obviously, so are all the cases and characters in Sherlock Holmes, so I guess these are fictional-fictional characters to protect the identities of fictional characters.

Still with me? Good, let’s begin: It’s all about the motive. That’s what I think elevates Consulting Detective from a good to a great game, and it’s why I love the game so much; why I find it to be so immersive, exciting, and memorable.


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