Mascarade – Bending the rules

Writer_smallerBending the rules

While the comic is created from an amalgam of different experiences, the horror expressed is real, and I’m sure, quite familiar to some readers. The difficulty here is in gaming with non-gamers. If you’re rolling dice with seasoned meeple-herders, the rules are clear: respect the cardboard. It is more difficult, however, to explain the proper care and attention required when handling a board game to someone previously only familiar with card games involving aces and hearts. A non-gamer simply won’t understand why you turn white at the manner in which they are treating your cards. In fact, they are quite likely to set down their drink heart-stoppingly close to the board in order to ask what the matter is.


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Dominion – Sleeving

Writer_smallerThe sleeving question

It took us a long time to come around to Dominion. We were looking for a 2 player game, and it kept coming up. So we would go to the game store and pick it up, and think –this is just a box of cards. It’s a Big box of cards, sure, but we were looking for a board game, not a card game. But we’d browse BGG and see how highly Dominion was thought of, and see the Spiel de Jahre prize it had, and go back and look at it. And though it had been a long, long time, a youth spent playing Magic: The Gathering still left me dubious of card games. (more…)

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