Only way to be sure

Writer_smallerOnly way to be sure

Some relationships are different.

Friendships grow stronger over years, and eventually most will find a level and stay there. Others will fade away, growing more distant and out of touch until they are consigned to slowly die on Facebook. And then there are those that are different. Relationships that have survived for so long, and through so much, that even if they fade, their half-life is such that they will never really extinguish. The kind of friendship that doesn’t require maintenance, or regular contact. One that can be picked up after an absence of years as easily as after a few days. I sometimes think these friendships are more easily formed when we are younger. Formed in adolescence, shaped by the unsteady hands of youth and unstable yet steely strong forces of college, there is very little that can weaken them thereafter.


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Star Realms – Déjà vu

Writer_smallerDéjà vu

In case it is in some way ambiguous: this comic is in no way intended as a slight on Star Realms. The game is a superb price point, brilliantly packaged, and a really great game. I have a lot of respect for the decisions implicit in the packaging and pricing of this game. We own boxes with similar levels of components that take up 5-10 times the amount of space on my shelf that Star Realms does. It is genuinely portable, and that fact married with its 20-35 minute playing time means it is a game that is going to be well travelled, and often taught, in 2015.


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