Gotta catch ’em all

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We’ve strayed off the strictly straight and narrow of the “webcomic about board games” tag line before, and suffered neither slings nor arrows from our lovely readers. I will take this as a sign that an occasional off-topic comic is not the worst faux pas we can make. Well, I say off-topic, but it’s still game, and who doesn’t love Batman? No-one, that’s who. Also maybe the Joker.

So: I went ahead and bought an Xbox One. With Star Wars Battlefront on the way the purchase was inevitable, but Arkham Knight certainly expedited the process.


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XCOM saga

Writer_smallerXCOM saga

Candy Crush Saga, if you are wondering.

And if you are wondering why Beirti is not allowed to have any devices at the table, here’s why.

I was hoping to have played XCOM by now, but it didn’t make it into stores before Christmas, and its release is still eminent. The comic is more about the melding of digital and analogue than it is the game itself, though, so I felt comfortable doing a comic with the XCOM board game in it. XCOM is a real time board game that requires the use of a free companion app, one that essentially acts as a form of DM for the game: advancing threats, keeping time, adjusting the game according to how the players are reacting and dealing with the threats it continually spews out, like so much green mucus at an alien autopsy.


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