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This really happened

This really happened published on 3 Comments on This really happened


Welcome to Tiny Wooden Pieces. If you want to chat to us, please use the comments section below. On your right, you will find buttons to talk to us on Twitter and Facebook. You can also email us, if you’re willing to poke about the site a little, you won’t have too much difficulty locating our email address.

We are not affiliated with any of the sites linked on the right sidebar, but they are all sites we admire and respect, so if you don’t know them, have a look. Obviously, they are all about boardgames. If you don’t like boardgames, you are probably lost. Here’s the exit.

If you are using the comments, please be nice to your fellow commenters. I’m sure you are all lovely people, so there’s no reason we can’t all get along.

While we did just launch, we have been running quietly for a few weeks, so with judicious use of the back arrow located under the comic you will find previous comics. We do hope you enjoy then, and browse with us again sometime. Continue reading This really happened

Resistance – Spies

Resistance – Spies published on 1 Comment on Resistance – Spies

Writer_smallerThe Resistance

The Resistance is a good game to talk about how we here at Tiny Wooden Pieces feel about boardgames. There is very little ‘game’ to it, in a manner of speaking. You get some cards and some tokens, and a small board to keep track of them during the game. That is it. The Resistance is all about player interaction.

Some of the most fun I have ever had playing games has been with The Resistance, and I have had some evenings where I’ve brought it to the table and it’s fallen almost embarrassingly, awkwardly flat. Where players just didn’t buy into it. It’s absolutely a game you can use to introduce non-gamer friends to the joys of boardgames, or just bring down the pub (sleeves recommended, here) or bring out at a family gathering. If people are willing to give it a try, to put themselves into the game, they will get a great evening out of it. If not, and you might as well be playing Connect 4. Continue reading Resistance – Spies

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